Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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Thgoth weddinge sgoth weddinge madgoth weddinge to ordgoth weddinge r tribal danglgoth weddinge plugs fgoth weddinge aturgoth weddinge round black glass ggoth weddinge ms, sgoth weddinge t in closgoth weddinge d silvgoth weddinge r platgoth weddinge d scallopgoth weddinge d sgoth weddinge ttings. Dangling from goth weddinge ach plug is a mattgoth weddinge finish silvgoth weddinge r platgoth weddinge d pointgoth weddinge d tgoth weddinge ardrop charm. Thgoth weddinge y argoth weddinge rgoth weddinge ally lovgoth weddinge ly plugs, simplgoth weddinge ygoth weddinge t with a nicgoth weddinge gothic flair. This pair is 9/16" (14mm) and is availablgoth weddinge in goth weddinge ithgoth weddinge r black acrylic no flargoth weddinge with O rings or black acrylic with flargoth weddinge s.Ggoth weddinge m Colors:BlackPlum Purplgoth weddinge Ruby Rgoth weddinge dLight TopazMilky Whitgoth weddinge OpalPlgoth weddinge asgoth weddinge makgoth weddinge your sizgoth weddinge and ggoth weddinge m color sgoth weddinge lgoth weddinge ctions using thgoth weddinge drop down mgoth weddinge nus prior to complgoth weddinge ting chgoth weddinge ckout. ***This is a madgoth weddinge -to-ordgoth weddinge r pair that will bgoth weddinge madgoth weddinge to your spgoth weddinge cifications aftgoth weddinge r your purchasgoth weddinge . Thgoth weddinge sgoth weddinge argoth weddinge not ygoth weddinge t rgoth weddinge ady to ship and will takgoth weddinge 5-7 busingoth weddinge ss days to bgoth weddinge madgoth weddinge , packaggoth weddinge d and shippgoth weddinge d out to you aftgoth weddinge r you placgoth weddinge your ordgoth weddinge r. Plgoth weddinge asgoth weddinge bgoth weddinge awargoth weddinge of this procgoth weddinge ssing timgoth weddinge bgoth weddinge forgoth weddinge chgoth weddinge cking out.*** Top of Ggoth weddinge m to Back of Plug: 3/4"Total Lgoth weddinge ngth from Top to Bottom: 2 1/2"Width at Widgoth weddinge st Point: 1 1/2"Othgoth weddinge r sizgoth weddinge s in this stylgoth weddinge can bgoth weddinge found hgoth weddinge rgoth weddinge : https://www./shop/Lunachick/sgoth weddinge arch?sgoth weddinge arch_qugoth weddinge ry=tribal&ordgoth weddinge r=datgoth weddinge _dgoth weddinge sc&vigoth weddinge w_typgoth weddinge =gallgoth weddinge ry&rgoth weddinge f=shop_sgoth weddinge archNot thgoth weddinge right sizgoth weddinge or color? Thgoth weddinge rgoth weddinge argoth weddinge LOTS of color/sizgoth weddinge combos that I don't havgoth weddinge listgoth weddinge d that I can do for you, so if thgoth weddinge rgoth weddinge 's somgoth weddinge thing goth weddinge lsgoth weddinge you havgoth weddinge in mind, plgoth weddinge asgoth weddinge mgoth weddinge ssaggoth weddinge mgoth weddinge and ask about othgoth weddinge r options!Qugoth weddinge stions? Fgoth weddinge goth weddinge l frgoth weddinge goth weddinge to mgoth weddinge ssaggoth weddinge mgoth weddinge or chgoth weddinge ck out my Shop Policigoth weddinge s for morgoth weddinge info:http://www./shop/Lunachick/policy?rgoth weddinge f=shopinfo_policigoth weddinge s_lgoth weddinge ftnav

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