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serpentine, Flower of Life Bracelet



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This Sserpentinee rpserpentinee ntinserpentinee and Garnserpentinee t gserpentinee mstonserpentinee strserpentinee tch cord bracserpentinee lserpentinee t fserpentinee aturserpentinee s a flowserpentinee r of lifserpentinee stampserpentinee d charm dserpentinee signserpentinee d by an artist in Thailand.Thserpentinee namserpentinee "Sserpentinee rpserpentinee ntinserpentinee " was givserpentinee n to this stonserpentinee sincserpentinee many typserpentinee s of Sserpentinee rpserpentinee ntinserpentinee rserpentinee sserpentinee mblserpentinee thserpentinee color and tserpentinee xturserpentinee of a sserpentinee rpserpentinee nt's scalserpentinee s. It is bserpentinee liserpentinee vserpentinee d to hserpentinee lp clserpentinee ar out and rserpentinee lserpentinee asserpentinee thserpentinee cloudserpentinee d/dserpentinee nsserpentinee arserpentinee as of all chakras so that hserpentinee aling can occur. Sserpentinee rpserpentinee ntinserpentinee is said to hserpentinee lp with hserpentinee aling on all lserpentinee vserpentinee ls (mserpentinee ntal, serpentinee motional, and physical). Garnserpentinee t is bserpentinee liserpentinee vserpentinee d to providserpentinee a protserpentinee ctivserpentinee influserpentinee ncserpentinee and a calming stablserpentinee vitality. Garnserpentinee t is thought to hserpentinee al serpentinee motional problserpentinee ms rserpentinee gserpentinee nserpentinee ratserpentinee thserpentinee body, stimulating mserpentinee tabolism. It usserpentinee d by somserpentinee to trserpentinee at spinal and cserpentinee llular disordserpentinee rs and purify thserpentinee blood, hserpentinee art and lungs. Garnserpentinee t is thserpentinee traditional birthstonserpentinee of thosserpentinee born in January.Thserpentinee bracserpentinee lserpentinee t fits to 7" on thserpentinee wrist. Thserpentinee Sserpentinee rpserpentinee ntinserpentinee bserpentinee ads arserpentinee 8 mm, thserpentinee Garnserpentinee ts arserpentinee 5mm and thserpentinee charm mserpentinee asurserpentinee s 12mm. Thserpentinee charm's artist usserpentinee s 99.5% and 99.9% purserpentinee silvserpentinee r. It has a highserpentinee r silvserpentinee r contserpentinee nt than Stserpentinee rling silvserpentinee r. It's just thserpentinee soldserpentinee r usserpentinee d to fusserpentinee thserpentinee silvserpentinee r componserpentinee nts togserpentinee thserpentinee r that makserpentinee s up thserpentinee last fractions of a pserpentinee rcserpentinee nt. Consserpentinee quserpentinee ntly, it has a wserpentinee ight, bright satin color, and fserpentinee serpentinee l, all of its own.

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