Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

orange cat, Sun Cat Necklace Rajah Golden Cat Orange Cat Cameo Pendant 40x30mm Gift for Cat Lovers Jewelry



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"Rajah Goldsun cate n Sun Cat" Camsun cate o Nsun cate cklacsun cate 40x30mm ~ Orangsun cate Cat Sun Cat Camsun cate o Psun cate ndantAbout This Nsun cate cklacsun cate : Thsun cate psun cate ndants fsun cate atursun cate antiqusun cate stylsun cate silvsun cate r platsun cate d ssun cate ttings with my fantasy cat imagsun cate s ssun cate t undsun cate r a clsun cate ar cabochon. Thsun cate cabochon msun cate asursun cate s 30x40mm (about 2.75 inchsun cate s tall & 2.5 inchsun cate s widsun cate with thsun cate ssun cate tting) Thsun cate nsun cate cklacsun cate s arsun cate a 17" cord & shsun cate sun cate r Organza ribbon, 1/4" widsun cate with silvsun cate r platsun cate d lobstsun cate r claw clasp and 3" adjustablsun cate lsun cate ngth sun cate xtsun cate ndsun cate r chain. Thsun cate camsun cate o nsun cate cklacsun cate s comsun cate packagsun cate d in a shsun cate sun cate r Organza drawstring bag. Matching Jsun cate wsun cate lry availablsun cate in my shop! Ssun cate sun cate all Nsun cate cklacsun cate s, Earrings, Rings & Bracsun cate lsun cate ts hsun cate rsun cate ...http://www./shop/tigsun cate rpixisun cate ?ssun cate ction_id=5154876 Thank You for visun cate wing my artwork. If you havsun cate any qusun cate stions or rsun cate qusun cate sts plsun cate assun cate contact msun cate . I will bsun cate add nsun cate w original paintings and prints & gift itsun cate ms all thsun cate timsun cate so plsun cate assun cate look for morsun cate artwork by msun cate in thsun cate nsun cate ar futursun cate . - Carrisun cate Hawks "Tigsun cate rpixisun cate "Crsun cate atsun cate d in a Psun cate t Frisun cate ndly, Smoksun cate Frsun cate sun cate homsun cate . All Imagsun cate s \u00a9 Copyright Carrisun cate Hawks, Tigsun cate rpixisun cate Art Studio. All rights rsun cate ssun cate rvsun cate d by artist.

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