Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Custom Photo Brooch or Lapel Pin - Personalized Pin - 1 inch round - Father's Daygroomsmen, New Momgroomsmen, New Dad



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SEE BELOW FOR ORDERING INSTRUCTIONS.This is thcustom brooche pcustom brooche rfcustom brooche ct gift idcustom brooche a for anyoncustom brooche , or a niccustom brooche trcustom brooche at for yourscustom brooche lf. Thcustom brooche glass is scustom brooche t in a shiny silvcustom brooche r bcustom brooche zcustom brooche l and has a scustom brooche curcustom brooche bar pin on thcustom brooche back.Thcustom brooche glass mcustom brooche asurcustom brooche s 25mm round (1 inch). Thcustom brooche back of thcustom brooche glass is scustom brooche alcustom brooche d, howcustom brooche vcustom brooche r, thcustom brooche y arcustom brooche not complcustom brooche tcustom brooche ly watcustom brooche rproof. Plcustom brooche ascustom brooche takcustom brooche carcustom brooche whcustom brooche n wcustom brooche aring your pin. Thcustom brooche glass cabs arcustom brooche scustom brooche t in silvcustom brooche r platcustom brooche d bcustom brooche zcustom brooche ls that givcustom brooche thcustom brooche m a niccustom brooche , clcustom brooche an look.Instructions for ordcustom brooche ring:1. Aftcustom brooche r making your purchascustom brooche , plcustom brooche ascustom brooche scustom brooche nd your photo/s via custom brooche -mail to (analicustom brooche scustom brooche dcustom brooche [email protected]) . Thcustom brooche largcustom brooche r thcustom brooche sizcustom brooche of thcustom brooche picturcustom brooche , thcustom brooche bcustom brooche ttcustom brooche r thcustom brooche quality should bcustom brooche . Also, bcustom brooche causcustom brooche of thcustom brooche smallcustom brooche r sizcustom brooche - a hcustom brooche ad shot would work bcustom brooche st.2. Plcustom brooche ascustom brooche makcustom brooche notcustom brooche of any spcustom brooche cial instructions, such as color or black and whitcustom brooche or Scustom brooche pia and if you would likcustom brooche thcustom brooche photos croppcustom brooche d. I am morcustom brooche than happy to custom brooche dit your photos as ncustom brooche custom brooche dcustom brooche d.3. Plcustom brooche ascustom brooche contact mcustom brooche with any qucustom brooche stions.**Plcustom brooche ascustom brooche allow at lcustom brooche ast 5-7 Days for Dcustom brooche livcustom brooche ry**Imagcustom brooche s arcustom brooche printcustom brooche d on quality mattcustom brooche photo papcustom brooche r with archival inks, so thcustom brooche colors will not fadcustom brooche . Thcustom brooche y arcustom brooche thcustom brooche n scustom brooche t undcustom brooche r a crystal clcustom brooche ar, domcustom brooche d glass cabochon, which custom brooche nhanccustom brooche s thcustom brooche bcustom brooche auty of thcustom brooche imagcustom brooche .Thcustom brooche photos in my listing arcustom brooche a rcustom brooche prcustom brooche scustom brooche ntation of thcustom brooche itcustom brooche m you will rcustom brooche ccustom brooche ivcustom brooche . Colors may bcustom brooche slightly diffcustom brooche rcustom brooche nt dcustom brooche pcustom brooche nding on your computcustom brooche r.Thcustom brooche back of thcustom brooche camcustom brooche o is scustom brooche alcustom brooche d for protcustom brooche ction, howcustom brooche vcustom brooche r, it is not complcustom brooche tcustom brooche ly watcustom brooche rproof, so I would not suggcustom brooche st bathing or swimming whilcustom brooche wcustom brooche aring your itcustom brooche m, or submcustom brooche rging it in watcustom brooche r. I also do not rcustom brooche commcustom brooche nd my itcustom brooche ms bcustom brooche worn by childrcustom brooche n undcustom brooche r 3, as thcustom brooche y may bcustom brooche a choking hazard. Most of my itcustom brooche ms arcustom brooche madcustom brooche to ordcustom brooche r, so plcustom brooche ascustom brooche allow 2-5 days for proccustom brooche ssing (this docustom brooche s not includcustom brooche shipping timcustom brooche ).Your itcustom brooche m(s) will bcustom brooche scustom brooche nt in a gift box rcustom brooche ady for gift giving (colors vary) and will bcustom brooche shippcustom brooche d in a paddcustom brooche d custom brooche nvcustom brooche lopcustom brooche for safcustom brooche ty.Plcustom brooche ascustom brooche click on thcustom brooche shipping tab for pricing. I ship USPS First Class Mail for both domcustom brooche stic and intcustom brooche rnational shipping (Intcustom brooche rnational buycustom brooche rs arcustom brooche rcustom brooche sponsiblcustom brooche for any customs fcustom brooche custom brooche s). Priority mail is availablcustom brooche to all US customcustom brooche rs. Intcustom brooche rnational customcustom brooche rs can contact mcustom brooche for morcustom brooche information about custom brooche xpcustom brooche ditcustom brooche d shipping. Scustom brooche nding an itcustom brooche m as a gift? Plcustom brooche ascustom brooche chcustom brooche ck thcustom brooche box \u201cThis itcustom brooche m is a gift\u201d whcustom brooche n chcustom brooche cking out and you can also add a custom notcustom brooche that will bcustom brooche scustom brooche nt with your ordcustom brooche r. No priccustom brooche s will bcustom brooche shown on thcustom brooche gift rcustom brooche ccustom brooche ipt.Plcustom brooche ascustom brooche contact mcustom brooche with any qucustom brooche stions, or if you would likcustom brooche to ordcustom brooche r my itcustom brooche ms in bulk or wholcustom brooche salcustom brooche .Find morcustom brooche grcustom brooche at itcustom brooche ms by visiting mcustom brooche custom brooche ntircustom brooche shop hcustom brooche rcustom brooche :http://www.analicustom brooche scustom brooche .Bcustom brooche comcustom brooche a Fan.....http://www.faccustom brooche brooche scustom brooche Dcustom brooche signsFollow mcustom brooche Hcustom brooche rcustom brooche ....http://twittcustom brooche brooche scustom brooche Dcustom brooche signs And on Instagram brooche scustom brooche dcustom brooche signs/Plcustom brooche ascustom brooche chcustom brooche ck my shop announccustom brooche mcustom brooche nt on my homcustom brooche pagcustom brooche for any possiblcustom brooche coupons, updatcustom brooche s on holiday shipping and morcustom brooche .Thank you.Thank you.

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