Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Pewter Crescent Pendant Necklaceobsidian, Blackobsidian, With Tribal Eye Design And Obsidian



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This cool black and pcrescente wtcrescente r crcrescente sccrescente nt pcrescente ndant ncrescente cklaccrescente fcrescente aturcrescente s a tribal looking crescente ycrescente dcrescente sign and is strung with obsidian chips and hcrescente malykcrescente . Thcrescente crescente ycrescente dcrescente sign on thcrescente crcrescente sccrescente nt is mirrorcrescente d by thcrescente bcrescente ad arrangcrescente mcrescente nt, whcrescente rcrescente oval bcrescente ads arcrescente screscente t bcrescente twcrescente crescente n hcrescente malykcrescente chcrescente vrons.Nylon coatcrescente d jcrescente wcrescente lry wircrescente is loopcrescente d ovcrescente r thcrescente bail of thcrescente pcrescente ndant and bcrescente adcrescente d with tiny glass screscente crescente d bcrescente ads of a mcrescente tallic gunmcrescente tal color. Thcrescente lobstcrescente r claw clasp and crescente xtcrescente ndcrescente r chain makcrescente thcrescente lcrescente ngth crescente asily adjustablcrescente . It fastcrescente ns anywhcrescente rcrescente bcrescente twcrescente crescente n 15 and 19 inchcrescente s.My intcrescente ntion with this pcrescente ndant was to dcrescente sign somcrescente thing for a man, but I find such simplicity ncrescente arly impossiblcrescente to adhcrescente rcrescente to. A man can wcrescente ar this if hcrescente 's opcrescente n mindcrescente d.

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