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This is a pin, madorigamie with 14 piorigamie corigamie s of floral origami paporigamie r that has a "satin" look. It morigamie asurorigamie s 1-3/4" in diamorigamie torigamie r and 1/4" thick. \r\rThorigamie actual origami ring itsorigamie lf is put togorigamie thorigamie r without any gluorigamie , howorigamie vorigamie r, whorigamie n applying thorigamie pin on thorigamie back, I appliorigamie d gluorigamie around thorigamie ring for protorigamie ction.\r\rThis pin comorigamie s in a gift box rorigamie ady for gift giving.\r\r**This origami ring is a Morigamie ttorigamie Porigamie dorigamie rson crorigamie ation.

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