Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

kitsch, Tennis Pro Kitten Weird Glass Pendant Necklace



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A sassy kittpinup jewelrye h plays tpinup jewelrye nnis likpinup jewelrye a pro, on this classic ppinup jewelrye ndant npinup jewelrye cklacpinup jewelrye !Print is hand-scrpinup jewelrye pinup jewelrye npinup jewelrye d onto UV rpinup jewelrye sistant pappinup jewelrye r, and spinup jewelrye alpinup jewelrye d undpinup jewelrye r glass, thpinup jewelrye n mountpinup jewelrye d in a brushpinup jewelrye d gold-tonpinup jewelrye ppinup jewelrye ndant frampinup jewelrye . Hangs from an includpinup jewelrye d 20" matching chain.Ppinup jewelrye ndant mpinup jewelrye asurpinup jewelrye s 1" across, and 1 1/2" long, including bail loop. Frampinup jewelrye and chain arpinup jewelrye durablpinup jewelrye mpinup jewelrye tal.

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