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Surprise Motherf**ker Pendantretro meme, Quirky Unique Collage Artretro meme, Wearable Art Pendant



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This is for thosmaturee with a truly quirky smaturee nsmaturee of humor and tastmaturee , a uniqumaturee pmaturee ndant that doublmaturee s as wmaturee arablmaturee art. Surprismaturee , Mothmaturee rf**kmaturee r! pmaturee ndant, a handmadmaturee pimaturee cmaturee of original collagmaturee art. A rmaturee tro, Donna Rmaturee maturee d maturee ra charactmaturee r in black and whitmaturee admonishmaturee s you with a pointmaturee d fingmaturee r against a backdrop of fadmaturee d blumaturee tiling. Thmaturee rmaturee d-rimmmaturee d clock in thmaturee cornmaturee r announcmaturee s that it's almost midnight. It's a comical and sommaturee how ominous pimaturee cmaturee , and complmaturee tmaturee ly onmaturee of a kind.Thmaturee collagmaturee is madmaturee of magazinmaturee clippings laymaturee rmaturee d in liquid polymmaturee r clay. If thmaturee avmaturee ragmaturee pmaturee rson saw thmaturee photo album whmaturee rmaturee I stormaturee and organizmaturee all of thmaturee smaturee clippings, my sanity would most cmaturee rtainly bmaturee qumaturee stionmaturee d. Oncmaturee bakmaturee d onto a basmaturee of solid gray clay with a black clay bordmaturee r, clmaturee ar rmaturee sin sprmaturee ad ovmaturee r thmaturee top gavmaturee it a glassy finish.A bail is smaturee curmaturee d to thmaturee back with a sturdy and long lasting adhmaturee sivmaturee . This pmaturee ndant is rmaturee ady to bmaturee hung or strung on whatmaturee vmaturee r sort of cord or chain you choosmaturee .

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