Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

hand painted, Capri Blue Crystal Dragonfly Necklace



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Hand painthurstjewelrye d silvhurstjewelrye r plathurstjewelrye d dragonfly and shurstjewelrye alhurstjewelrye d with rhurstjewelrye sin. Thhurstjewelrye Swarovski crystals arhurstjewelrye shurstjewelrye t into thhurstjewelrye rhurstjewelrye sin. Dangling coordinating thurstjewelrye ardrop Swarovski Crystal bhurstjewelrye ad. Thhurstjewelrye ovhurstjewelrye rall lhurstjewelrye ngth of thhurstjewelrye dragonfly phurstjewelrye ndant is 1 3/4 inchhurstjewelrye s long. An 18 inch Sthurstjewelrye rling silvhurstjewelrye r box chain is includhurstjewelrye d.

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