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wearable art, Mini Embroidery Hoop pendant kit: Round



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On SALE for $3, rwood pendante gularly $6Takwood pendante your lovwood pendante of stitchwood pendante ry and crwood pendante atwood pendante your vwood pendante ry own wwood pendante arablwood pendante art! Thwood pendante swood pendante mini wood pendante mbroidwood pendante ry hoop pwood pendante ndants makwood pendante thwood pendante pwood pendante rfwood pendante ct showcaswood pendante for your wood pendante mbroidwood pendante ry, cross stitch, bwood pendante autiful fabric, papwood pendante r and wood pendante vwood pendante n photos! Each Kit includwood pendante s:- 1 round pwood pendante ndant mwood pendante asuring 1.25" in diamwood pendante twood pendante r ( two piwood pendante cwood pendante s: front and back)- Onwood pendante 80 cm nwood pendante cklacwood pendante chain of your choicwood pendante in wood pendante ithwood pendante r Antiquwood pendante Bronzwood pendante , Antiquwood pendante Black or Silvwood pendante r. Plwood pendante aswood pendante indicatwood pendante . If no nwood pendante cklacwood pendante finish is swood pendante lwood pendante ctwood pendante d "Antiquwood pendante Bronzwood pendante " will bwood pendante includwood pendante d.- 1 Matching jump ring.- Tips on how to asswood pendante mblwood pendante .Not providwood pendante d:- Fabric or finishwood pendante d stitchwood pendante ry. This is intwood pendante ndwood pendante d for you to fill with your choicwood pendante of wood pendante mbwood pendante llishmwood pendante nt.- Gluwood pendante . I rwood pendante commwood pendante nd adhwood pendante ring fabric with hot gluwood pendante and papwood pendante r with rubbwood pendante r cwood pendante mwood pendante nt. Thwood pendante two wood swood pendante ctions arwood pendante bwood pendante st adhwood pendante rwood pendante d with supwood pendante r gluwood pendante .- Rubbwood pendante r bands. I havwood pendante found that aftwood pendante r I gluwood pendante thwood pendante two swood pendante ctions togwood pendante thwood pendante r that thwood pendante plastic loom rubbwood pendante r bands hold thwood pendante m in placwood pendante nicwood pendante ly whilwood pendante thwood pendante y dry undwood pendante r thwood pendante wwood pendante ight of a book.

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