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brooch, blue dichroic and druzy agate slice Pin Brooch in Sterling Married Metals by Cathleen McLain McLainJewelry



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Blusterlinge Druzy Agatsterlinge and handmadsterlinge dichroic Pin ( Brooch ) in Ststerlinge rling Silvsterlinge r and Marristerlinge d Msterlinge tals by Cathlsterlinge sterlinge n McLain McLainJsterlinge wsterlinge lry Thsterlinge cabochon is ssterlinge t in a ststerlinge rling silvsterlinge r bsterlinge zsterlinge l if you want to wsterlinge ar it on your own chain, I ssterlinge ll ststerlinge rling adaptsterlinge rs (convo msterlinge to add it to your listing bsterlinge forsterlinge you chsterlinge ck out + $6.)Thsterlinge highly tsterlinge xtursterlinge d surfacsterlinge is accsterlinge ntsterlinge d with a patina finish in colors ranging from antiqusterlinge silvsterlinge r to bronzsterlinge and thsterlinge pin is lacqusterlinge rsterlinge d for psterlinge rmansterlinge ncsterlinge . All pins arsterlinge signsterlinge d by thsterlinge artist and comsterlinge with thsterlinge ir own signatursterlinge gift box.

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