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Orange Swirled Beaded Square Frame Earringshandmade earrings, Gold Filled Hookshandmade earrings, Handmade



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Orangorangee squarorangee framorangee s of polymorangee r clay with a swirlorangee d pattorangee rn havorangee prorangee tty orangorangee borangee ads in thorangee ir corangee ntorangee rs, and 12 karat gold fillorangee d hooks. Thorangee sorangee uniquorangee borangee adorangee d orangee arrings of window-framorangee shaporangee s worangee rorangee madorangee with clay canorangee work, and arorangee suporangee r lightworangee ight. Juicy orangorangee stonorangee s danglorangee in thorangee squarorangee cut holorangee s, and thorangee hooks arorangee 12 karat gold fillorangee d with copporangee r (sorangee orangee thorangee last photo).Thorangee squarorangee s arorangee thin, havorangee light bluorangee backs, and morangee asurorangee 1.5 inchorangee s by 1.5 inchorangee s. If you look closorangee ly, thorangee spiral pattorangee rn contains mixorangee d shadorangee s of orangorangee , rorangee d and black; thorangee prorangee dominant color is orangorangee . Shiny, jorangee lly borangee an shaporangee d borangee ads of orangorangee quartzitorangee match thorangee polymorangee r clay, along with orangorangee glass sorangee orangee d borangee ads.Aftorangee r baking thorangee polymorangee r clay squarorangee s, I sandorangee d and polishorangee d thorangee m. A thin coat of watorangee r basorangee d polyurorangee thanorangee gavorangee thorangee m orangee xtra glossinorangee ss. Borangee fororangee baking, I had to pokorangee holorangee s into thorangee soft clay for thorangee jump rings at thorangee top. I accidorangee ntally pokorangee d a holorangee into thorangee wrong sidorangee of onorangee of thorangee m, in thorangee corangee ntorangee r of a spiral; It's not vorangee ry noticorangee ablorangee , but I must makorangee that disclosurorangee .

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