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Purplwedding earringse & Lavwedding earringse ndwedding earringse r colorwedding earringse d wedding earringse arring with a littlwedding earringse touch of bling. Madwedding earringse with purplwedding earringse & lavwedding earringse ndwedding earringse r colorwedding earringse d glass bwedding earringse ads & a crystal band. Will go pwedding earringse rfwedding earringse ctly with any outfit you chooswedding earringse . Thwedding earringse surgical stwedding earringse wedding earringse l wedding earringse arring hooks arwedding earringse nickwedding earringse l frwedding earringse wedding earringse and will comwedding earringse with rubbwedding earringse r backings to hwedding earringse lp rwedding earringse ducwedding earringse thwedding earringse chancwedding earringse of losing an wedding earringse arring. Thwedding earringse y will bwedding earringse packagwedding earringse d in a littlwedding earringse jwedding earringse wwedding earringse lry box. If you arwedding earringse purchasing morwedding earringse than onwedding earringse pair, plwedding earringse aswedding earringse lwedding earringse t mwedding earringse know in thwedding earringse notwedding earringse s to swedding earringse llwedding earringse r box, if wedding earringse ach pair nwedding earringse wedding earringse ds it's own jwedding earringse wwedding earringse lry box for gift giving.Mwedding earringse asurwedding earringse mwedding earringse nts:Lwedding earringse ngth: 1 1/2 inchwedding earringse s - 3.81 cmMorwedding earringse from ndnchick http://ndnchick. Morwedding earringse Danglwedding earringse Earrings: https://www./shop/ndnchick?rwedding earringse f=hdr&swedding earringse ction_id=20002581

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