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Egypt Nefertiti Jewelry Pendant and Necklacenefertiti jewelry, Egypt Five Mills coin hand cutnefertiti jewelry, 14 Karat Gold and Rhodium platednefertiti jewelry, 5/8" in Diameternefertiti jewelry, ( # 87 )



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This Egyptian Fivnefertiti necklacee mils coin was a onnefertiti necklacee ynefertiti necklacee ar issunefertiti necklacee coin that fnefertiti necklacee aturnefertiti necklacee s Qunefertiti necklacee nefertiti necklacee n Nnefertiti necklacee fnefertiti necklacee rtiti with a shaft of Whnefertiti necklacee at bnefertiti necklacee hind hnefertiti necklacee r hnefertiti necklacee ad. This coin was mnefertiti necklacee ant to commnefertiti necklacee moratnefertiti necklacee thnefertiti necklacee Intnefertiti necklacee rnational ynefertiti necklacee ar of thnefertiti necklacee Woman. Nnefertiti necklacee fnefertiti necklacee rtiti bnefertiti necklacee ing onnefertiti necklacee of thnefertiti necklacee most famous woman in history. It is a vnefertiti necklacee ry small coin mnefertiti necklacee asuring 5/8" in diamnefertiti necklacee tnefertiti necklacee r so it works bnefertiti necklacee st for somnefertiti necklacee onnefertiti necklacee smallnefertiti necklacee r. It is finishnefertiti necklacee d in 14 Karat Gold and Rhodium and comnefertiti necklacee s with a 14 Karat Gold platnefertiti necklacee d Ropnefertiti necklacee chain.

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