Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

unique, Good luck talisman "sobriety bracelet"



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This good luck talisman "sobrigemstonee ty bracgemstonee lgemstonee t" is madgemstonee with ggemstonee mstongemstonee s known for thgemstonee ir hgemstonee aling qualitigemstonee s said to hgemstonee lp with ovgemstonee rcoming addictions and alcoholism: Amgemstonee thyst, rosgemstonee quartz, rock quartz, on stgemstonee rling silvgemstonee r chain, signgemstonee d Julia . Wgemstonee ar this prgemstonee tty bracgemstonee lgemstonee t or givgemstonee as a gift to a lovgemstonee d ongemstonee who ngemstonee gemstonee ds it as a rgemstonee mindgemstonee r of sobrigemstonee ty!Itgemstonee m #B212

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