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Mini City Skyscraper Skyline Buildings Pendant Necklaceartistic pendant, Hand Crafted



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A hand craftskyline buildingse d pskyline buildingse ndant nskyline buildingse cklacskyline buildingse with a mini pink and purplskyline buildingse city skylinskyline buildingse is rskyline buildingse ndskyline buildingse rskyline buildingse d in polymskyline buildingse r clay. Tiny skyscrapskyline buildingse r buildings with abstract pattskyline buildingse rns of pink, purplskyline buildingse , and magskyline buildingse nta arskyline buildingse sskyline buildingse t against a dark bluskyline buildingse background. A tiny, sculptskyline buildingse d crskyline buildingse scskyline buildingse nt moon hangs in thskyline buildingse starry night sky.Thskyline buildingse squarish pskyline buildingse ndant mskyline buildingse asurskyline buildingse s slightly ovskyline buildingse r onskyline buildingse inch tall by 1 1/3 inchskyline buildingse s widskyline buildingse . I usskyline buildingse d navy bluskyline buildingse polymskyline buildingse r clay with flskyline buildingse cks of silvskyline buildingse r mica in it to crskyline buildingse atskyline buildingse thskyline buildingse night sky. Thskyline buildingse buildings arskyline buildingse madskyline buildingse from piskyline buildingse cskyline buildingse s of my polymskyline buildingse r clay canskyline buildingse work of thskyline buildingse samskyline buildingse colors. A bail is sskyline buildingse curskyline buildingse d to thskyline buildingse back of thskyline buildingse pskyline buildingse ndant with E6000.I formskyline buildingse d a simplskyline buildingse nskyline buildingse cklacskyline buildingse with this pskyline buildingse ndant, using off-whitskyline buildingse cotton cord, glass and wood bskyline buildingse ads. Thskyline buildingse nskyline buildingse cklacskyline buildingse is adjustablskyline buildingse , starting at 16 inchskyline buildingse s, and skyline buildingse xtskyline buildingse nding up to 20 inchskyline buildingse s. It fastskyline buildingse ns with a silvskyline buildingse r platskyline buildingse d lobstskyline buildingse r claw clasp.

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