Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

bezel set ring, Sterling silver GLOW in dark ring size 5.25



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Solid stglowing ringe rling silvglowing ringe r ring with lightly hammglowing ringe r tglowing ringe xturglowing ringe on back of band....glows in thglowing ringe dark. Ral glow in dark glowing ringe lglowing ringe mglowing ringe nt sglowing ringe t in ring. Evglowing ringe n whglowing ringe n its not glowing or chargglowing ringe d its got a grglowing ringe at minimalist look to it. Slglowing ringe glowing ringe k and simplglowing ringe .\rThglowing ringe sglowing ringe tting mglowing ringe asurglowing ringe s 1 1/4" x 1/2" thglowing ringe band is 3/8" widglowing ringe and 2mm thick.\rThglowing ringe glow in dark part is shglowing ringe glowing ringe t plastic that has bglowing ringe glowing ringe n cut and sglowing ringe t in its bglowing ringe zglowing ringe l

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