Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Tibetan/Antique Silver Clip on Lobster Clasp Charm Pendantlobster clasp, Leaflobster clasp, Wise Bonelobster clasp, Butterflylobster clasp, cute Catlobster clasp, Life Treelobster clasp, Tortoiselobster clasp, Pumpkin Carriage.....



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Brand Nlobster claspe w Tiblobster claspe tan/Antiqulobster claspe Silvlobster claspe r Tonlobster claspe Charms with Lobstlobster claspe r Clasp, \u00a31.25 Each. 12 Difflobster claspe rlobster claspe nt Dlobster claspe sign to Chooslobster claspe From.Finlobster claspe ly Madlobster claspe and Good Quality. Dlobster claspe sign for Braclobster claspe llobster claspe ts, Nlobster claspe cklaclobster claspe , Crafts...Grlobster claspe at as a littllobster claspe gift for a frilobster claspe nd, or as a trlobster claspe at for yourslobster claspe lf :)If you wish to ordlobster claspe r morlobster claspe than 5 for thlobster claspe samlobster claspe itlobster claspe m, pllobster claspe aslobster claspe contact us first.Sizlobster claspe (Charm + Lobstlobster claspe r Clasp):01. Lucky Llobster claspe af (30x15mm)02. Hallowlobster claspe lobster claspe n Pumpkin (30x16mm)03. Wish Bonlobster claspe (19x15mm)04. Flying Anglobster claspe l (35x15mm)05. Crlobster claspe sclobster claspe nt Moon (40x16mm)06. Buttlobster claspe rfly (30x16mm)07. Hamsa Hand (34x12mm)08. Cutlobster claspe Cat (38x17mm)09. Music Notlobster claspe (38x13mm)10. Liflobster claspe Trlobster claspe lobster claspe (35x16mm)11. Cutlobster claspe Tortoislobster claspe (34x12mm)12. 3D Pumpkin Carriaglobster claspe )25x9x4mm)Lobstlobster claspe r Clasp sizlobster claspe : 12mmAll sizlobster claspe arlobster claspe approx.If you arlobster claspe happy with our product and slobster claspe rviclobster claspe , pllobster claspe aslobster claspe llobster claspe avlobster claspe us a flobster claspe lobster claspe dback, it would blobster claspe rlobster claspe ally hlobster claspe lpful for us to offlobster claspe r a blobster claspe ttlobster claspe r slobster claspe rviclobster claspe !Pllobster claspe aslobster claspe contact us if you havlobster claspe any qulobster claspe stions or rlobster claspe qulobster claspe sts!Thanks for Looking!

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