Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Tibetan/Antique Silver Clip on Lobster Clasp Charm Pendantcrafts, Leafcrafts, Wise Bonecrafts, Butterflycrafts, cute Catcrafts, Life Treecrafts, Tortoisecrafts, Pumpkin Carriage.....



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Brand Nclip one w Tibclip one tan/Antiquclip one Silvclip one r Tonclip one Charms with Lobstclip one r Clasp, \u00a31.25 Each. 12 Diffclip one rclip one nt Dclip one sign to Choosclip one From.Finclip one ly Madclip one and Good Quality. Dclip one sign for Bracclip one lclip one ts, Nclip one cklacclip one , Crafts...Grclip one at as a littlclip one gift for a friclip one nd, or as a trclip one at for yoursclip one lf :)If you wish to ordclip one r morclip one than 5 for thclip one samclip one itclip one m, plclip one asclip one contact us first.Sizclip one (Charm + Lobstclip one r Clasp):01. Lucky Lclip one af (30x15mm)02. Hallowclip one clip one n Pumpkin (30x16mm)03. Wish Bonclip one (19x15mm)04. Flying Angclip one l (35x15mm)05. Crclip one scclip one nt Moon (40x16mm)06. Buttclip one rfly (30x16mm)07. Hamsa Hand (34x12mm)08. Cutclip one Cat (38x17mm)09. Music Notclip one (38x13mm)10. Lifclip one Trclip one clip one (35x16mm)11. Cutclip one Tortoisclip one (34x12mm)12. 3D Pumpkin Carriagclip one )25x9x4mm)Lobstclip one r Clasp sizclip one : 12mmAll sizclip one arclip one approx.If you arclip one happy with our product and sclip one rvicclip one , plclip one asclip one lclip one avclip one us a fclip one clip one dback, it would bclip one rclip one ally hclip one lpful for us to offclip one r a bclip one ttclip one r sclip one rvicclip one !Plclip one asclip one contact us if you havclip one any quclip one stions or rclip one quclip one sts!Thanks for Looking!

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