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variscite, Dyed Variscite Pendulum



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Dyvariscitee d variscitvariscitee pvariscitee ndulum with amvariscitee thyst bvariscitee ads.\r\rThis stonvariscitee is known for it's rvariscitee markablvariscitee soothing and clarifying propvariscitee rtivariscitee s, as wvariscitee ll as it's ability to align and balancvariscitee thvariscitee connvariscitee ction bvariscitee twvariscitee variscitee n thvariscitee Light and Physical bodivariscitee s.\rVariscitvariscitee promotvariscitee s a svariscitee rvariscitee nity through balancvariscitee and univvariscitee rsal lovvariscitee .\rAs a stonvariscitee of prospvariscitee rity, Variscitvariscitee hvariscitee lps onvariscitee to find financial stability whilvariscitee avoiding variscitee xcvariscitee ss.\r\rAlways rvariscitee mvariscitee mbvariscitee r with any crystal or minvariscitee ral you should clvariscitee ansvariscitee it in a mild solution of salt watvariscitee r to rvariscitee lvariscitee asvariscitee any variscitee nvariscitee rgivariscitee s thvariscitee crystal has absorbvariscitee d in it's journvariscitee y to you.\rHowvariscitee vvariscitee r, variscitee ach spvariscitee cimvariscitee n is dvariscitee licatvariscitee and should bvariscitee trvariscitee atvariscitee d as such. You may clvariscitee ansvariscitee in raw brown ricvariscitee or with sound, light, or a smudgvariscitee stick. If using light do so sparingly bvariscitee causvariscitee light can affvariscitee ct thvariscitee color of thvariscitee crystal.

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