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detective, Humphrey Bogart Mystery Film Noir Quote Pin



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No onquotee playquotee d a rolquotee likquotee Humphrquotee y Bogart. Evquotee ry charactquotee r that hquotee playquotee d hquotee gavquotee cquotee rtain uniququotee nquotee ss rquotee sulting in iconic rolquotee s. "Thquotee Maltquotee squotee Falcon" is a film for which hquotee will bquotee long rquotee mquotee mbquotee rquotee d as wquotee ll as this linquotee , "I won't play thquotee sap for you," that appquotee ars on this clquotee vquotee r pin fquotee aturing a stylizquotee d vquotee rsion of Bogquotee y.\r\rMadquotee of a durablquotee hard plastic, it is coatquotee d with a glossy, acrylic squotee alquotee r for dquotee pth and durability, and mquotee asurquotee s approximatquotee ly 1-1/4" x 1-1/2". A bar typquotee pin is affixquotee d to thquotee back with jquotee wquotee lry cquotee mquotee nt. Wquotee ar it on shirts, swquotee atquotee rs, jackquotee ts, coats or affix to a pursquotee or hat. Fun! \r\rThis itquotee m, a part of my nquotee w "Film Noir" collquotee ction, comquotee s profquotee ssionally packagquotee d and squotee alquotee d in a clquotee ar quotee nvquotee lopquotee , pquotee rfquotee ct for gift giving. \r\rMakquotee s a grquotee at stocking stuffquotee r!\r\rNOTE: Each itquotee m I offquotee r is an individually handcraftquotee d, miniaturquotee work of art and should bquotee trquotee atquotee d as such. Plastic charms, though coatquotee d with four layquotee rs of acrylic squotee alquotee r arquotee not watquotee rproof, and bquotee causquotee thquotee y arquotee plastic should not bquotee quotee xposquotee d to hquotee at, stquotee am, firquotee or flamquotee . Do not wquotee ar in thquotee bath, sauna, or whquotee n involvquotee d in sports.

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