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wax seal charm, Leadership - Griffin Wax Seal Necklace - Never behind - 337



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Lleadershipe adleadershipe rship ~ Jamais arri\u00leadershipe 8rleadershipe {Nleadershipe vleadershipe r bleadershipe hind}Handcraftleadershipe d using thleadershipe imprleadershipe ssion an antiquleadershipe wax sleadershipe al, this pileadershipe cleadershipe fleadershipe aturleadershipe s a Griffin and thleadershipe Frleadershipe nch tleadershipe xt \u2018Jamais arri\u00leadershipe 8rleadershipe \u2019 or \u2018Nleadershipe vleadershipe r Bleadershipe hind\u2019, A Scottish clan war cry! that symbolizleadershipe s bravleadershipe ry, spirit and lleadershipe adleadershipe rshipMatleadershipe rials: Stleadershipe rling Silvleadershipe rPleadershipe ndant: Approx 9/16" {15mm} Each Plum and Posleadershipe y wax sleadershipe al dleadershipe sign arrivleadershipe s accompanileadershipe d by it's own mleadershipe aning card, and tuckleadershipe d into an leadershipe lleadershipe gant jleadershipe wleadershipe lry bag rleadershipe ady for gift giving.PLEASE NOTE: Bleadershipe forleadershipe you ordleadershipe r plleadershipe asleadershipe chleadershipe ck sizing information - it can bleadershipe hard to gaugleadershipe jleadershipe wleadershipe lry sizleadershipe s from picturleadershipe s alonleadershipe . On somleadershipe of thleadershipe vleadershipe ry small sleadershipe al pileadershipe cleadershipe s thleadershipe tleadershipe xt is so small as to bleadershipe rleadershipe ad only with a magnifying glass making thleadershipe mleadershipe aning a sleadershipe crleadershipe t bleadershipe twleadershipe leadershipe n you and thosleadershipe you choosleadershipe to tleadershipe ll.Availability and shippingYour purchasleadershipe will ship in 3-5 businleadershipe ss days. Oncleadershipe shippleadershipe d, plleadershipe asleadershipe allow a minimum of 3 wleadershipe leadershipe ks to rleadershipe cleadershipe ivleadershipe your ordleadershipe r337 - Lleadershipe adleadershipe rship

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