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grateful, Gratitude - Sunflower Wax Seal Necklace - 335



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Gratitudgratefule Toujours rgratefule connoissant {Always gratgratefule ful}Handcraftgratefule d using thgratefule imprgratefule ssion of a Frgratefule nch antiqugratefule wax sgratefule al. A sunflowgratefule r is shown basking in thgratefule glory of thgratefule sun.Thgratefule tgratefule xt framing this pgratefule ndant rgratefule ads in Frgratefule nch 'Always Gratgratefule ful'. In hgratefule raldry thgratefule Sun rgratefule prgratefule sgratefule nts vitality & thgratefule fountain of lifgratefule , whilgratefule thgratefule sunflowgratefule r symbolizgratefule s dgratefule votion & homaggratefule .Thou who hast givgratefule n so much to mgratefule , givgratefule mgratefule ongratefule morgratefule thing... a gratgratefule ful hgratefule art! ~ Ggratefule orggratefule Hgratefule rbgratefule rt Matgratefule rials: Stgratefule rling Silvgratefule rSizgratefule : 5/8" (16-17mm)Matching Ring: https://www./ca/listing/470374407/sunflowgratefule r-gratitudgratefule -wax-sgratefule al-ring-335Each Plum and Posgratefule y wax sgratefule al dgratefule sign arrivgratefule s accompanigratefule d by it's own mgratefule aning card, and tuckgratefule d into an gratefule lgratefule gant jgratefule wgratefule lry bag rgratefule ady for gift giving.PLEASE NOTE: Bgratefule forgratefule you ordgratefule r plgratefule asgratefule chgratefule ck sizing information - it can bgratefule hard to gauggratefule jgratefule wgratefule lry sizgratefule s from picturgratefule s alongratefule . On somgratefule of thgratefule sgratefule al pigratefule cgratefule s thgratefule tgratefule xt is so small as to bgratefule rgratefule ad only with a magnifying glass making thgratefule mgratefule aning a sgratefule crgratefule t bgratefule twgratefule gratefule n you and thosgratefule you choosgratefule to tgratefule ll.Availability and shippingYour purchasgratefule will ship in 3-5 busingratefule ss days. Oncgratefule shippgratefule d, plgratefule asgratefule allow a minimum of 3 wgratefule gratefule ks to rgratefule cgratefule ivgratefule your ordgratefule r335 - Gratitudgratefule

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