Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

BOLD Late 1970'soversized earrings, 80's Vintage Goldtone and Faux Diamondoversized earrings, ELEGANT Clip On Earrings



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Thdiamante earringse sdiamante earringse vintagdiamante earringse ddiamante earringse signdiamante earringse r styldiamante earringse diamante earringse arrings wdiamante earringse rdiamante earringse maddiamante earringse in thdiamante earringse latdiamante earringse 1970's or diamante earringse arly 1980's using bdiamante earringse autiful squardiamante earringse rhindiamante earringse stondiamante earringse . Unsigndiamante earringse d on thdiamante earringse back of thdiamante earringse diamante earringse arrings to indicatdiamante earringse it's ddiamante earringse signdiamante earringse r but ddiamante earringse finitdiamante earringse ly quality maddiamante earringse as thdiamante earringse y ardiamante earringse hdiamante earringse avy. Thdiamante earringse sdiamante earringse diamante earringse arrings ardiamante earringse clip on. All clasps ardiamante earringse tight and sdiamante earringse curdiamante earringse and thdiamante earringse condition is vdiamante earringse ry good! Earrings ardiamante earringse 1 1/4" in diamdiamante earringse tdiamante earringse r. Excdiamante earringse lldiamante earringse nt condition.

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