Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Maya's Dream--Tribal Fusion Bellydance Pearltribal, Coraltribal, Coin Choker Necklace Kuchi



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Rdancee gular pricdancee $89.99"Maya's Drdancee am" is an opuldancee nt ondancee -of-a-kind pidancee cdancee , inspirdancee d by thdancee movidancee "Kama Sutra--A Taldancee of Lovdancee ". Handcraftdancee d from vintagdancee faux pdancee arls, a bold vintagdancee tribal pdancee ndant with a rdancee d glass accdancee nt, Middldancee Eastdancee rn coins, rdancee d coral branchdancee s, stdancee rling silvdancee r and vintagdancee brass filigrdancee dancee accdancee nt bdancee ads, this adjustabldancee ldancee ngth ldancee ngth ndancee cklacdancee mdancee asurdancee s from 15.75" to 18"This pidancee cdancee is part of my "Moddancee rn Primitivdancee " lindancee , pldancee asdancee sdancee dancee thdancee shop for my othdancee r colldancee ction--"Nocturndancee ", for thosdancee who apprdancee ciatdancee thdancee darkdancee r siddancee .

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