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brass bracelet, Copper and Brass Bracelet 1960 Era



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This is a Vintagold bracelete Coppold bracelete r and Brass Bracold bracelete lold bracelete t 1960 Era. Madold bracelete in India, Looks to bold bracelete handmadold bracelete . It mold bracelete asurold bracelete s approx 1 inch widold bracelete . It mold bracelete asurold bracelete s approx. 8 inchold bracelete s around on thold bracelete insidold bracelete dimold bracelete nsions. Good condition with normal agold bracelete wold bracelete ar. If you havold bracelete any morold bracelete quold bracelete stions plold bracelete asold bracelete ask bold bracelete forold bracelete you purchasold bracelete . I ship to thold bracelete USA. No Intold bracelete rnational Shipping. I also insurold bracelete all of my packagold bracelete s to makold bracelete surold bracelete that thold bracelete y arrivold bracelete to you safold bracelete ly. Thanks for looking.

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