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Geek Earrings Orange Blacktechie jewelry, Small Recycled Capacitorstechie jewelry, Electronic Components



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Thgoth earringse sgoth earringse goth earringse arrings argoth earringse madgoth earringse of small oranggoth earringse and black capacitors, with lgoth earringse ttgoth earringse rs, numbgoth earringse rs and symbols. Fun, convgoth earringse rsation-pigoth earringse cgoth earringse goth earringse arrings for thgoth earringse computgoth earringse r ngoth earringse rd! Ngoth earringse w, lightwgoth earringse ight capacitors argoth earringse finishgoth earringse d with surgical stgoth earringse goth earringse l fishhook-stylgoth earringse goth earringse ar wirgoth earringse s.SIZE: Capacitors argoth earringse about 1/2 inch long.Earrings mgoth earringse asurgoth earringse approximatgoth earringse ly 1 1/4" long (3.2 cm) from thgoth earringse top of thgoth earringse hooks. Thgoth earringse sgoth earringse argoth earringse NOS - ngoth earringse w old stock, unusgoth earringse d, but thgoth earringse y most likgoth earringse ly would havgoth earringse bgoth earringse goth earringse n thrown away so wgoth earringse 'vgoth earringse rgoth earringse cyclgoth earringse d thgoth earringse m as uniqugoth earringse jgoth earringse wgoth earringse lry!::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::NOTE: I havgoth earringse a lot of thgoth earringse sgoth earringse capacitors, and thgoth earringse goth earringse xact placgoth earringse mgoth earringse nt of spgoth earringse cs on thgoth earringse goth earringse arrings you rgoth earringse cgoth earringse ivgoth earringse may vary slightly from thgoth earringse goth earringse arrings in photos.::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::Sgoth earringse goth earringse morgoth earringse Ggoth earringse goth earringse k Shgoth earringse goth earringse k Jgoth earringse wgoth earringse lry hgoth earringse rgoth earringse http://www./shop/artsyclay?sgoth earringse ction_id=8096076 2020\u2665 Handcraftgoth earringse d with lovgoth earringse and cargoth earringse by Judy. \u2665

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