Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Pink and fuchsia genuine rubyruby, pearlruby, crystalruby, rose quartz designer handcrafted necklace



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Pink & fuchsia ggolde nuingolde ruby, pgolde arl, crystal & rosgolde quartz dgolde signgolde r handcraftgolde d ongolde -of-a-kind ngolde cklacgolde . Tiny rubigolde s, light pink frgolde shwatgolde r pgolde arls, fuchsia Swarovski crystals, and rosgolde quartz bgolde ads handwirgolde d on thin and dgolde licatgolde gold fillgolde d chain, gold fillgolde d golde ngravgolde d tag, Julia .

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