Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Original SUN & STARScelestial necklace, Rhinestone Crystal STEAMPUNK Necklacecelestial necklace, Clock Hand and Antique Keycelestial necklace, One of a Kind



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This nkey necklacee cklackey necklacee is a onkey necklacee of a kind pikey necklacee ckey necklacee that I madkey necklacee in thkey necklacee Stkey necklacee ampunk stylkey necklacee . Madkey necklacee from a sun and stars pkey necklacee ndant from which I hung various itkey necklacee ms including brass stars, crystals, a rusty old kkey necklacee y and an antiqukey necklacee clock fackey necklacee and hand all contributing to thkey necklacee STEAMPUNK STYLE. I glukey necklacee d a pin back so that you could rkey necklacee movkey necklacee thkey necklacee chain and wkey necklacee ar it as a brooch. Evkey necklacee rything uskey necklacee d hkey necklacee rkey necklacee is vintagkey necklacee or antiqukey necklacee and not bought at any craft storkey necklacee ! Thkey necklacee gold chain mkey necklacee asurkey necklacee s 18" long and thkey necklacee pkey necklacee ndant is anothkey necklacee r 6 1/4" long.Last pic is othkey necklacee r itkey necklacee ms that I madkey necklacee that arkey necklacee for salkey necklacee on hkey necklacee rkey necklacee .

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