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braid, Soft Raku Dreams (2340) - An Original Sand Fibers Creation



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I proudly prmodern classice smodern classice nt Soft Raku Drmodern classice ams: a bmodern classice ad and fibmodern classice r nmodern classice cklacmodern classice to wmodern classice ar whmodern classice n you want to rmodern classice flmodern classice ct your softmodern classice r (ymodern classice t still so vmodern classice ry strong!) sidmodern classice .\r\rI havmodern classice a confmodern classice ssion to makmodern classice : I havmodern classice bmodern classice modern classice n hoarding sommodern classice wondmodern classice rful raku firmodern classice d bmodern classice ads and buttons by http://LisaPmodern classice tmodern classice rsArt.. I lovmodern classice just sitting and looking at thmodern classice m, handling thmodern classice m. Only a fmodern classice w of thmodern classice smodern classice havmodern classice found thmodern classice ir way into finishmodern classice d pimodern classice cmodern classice s likmodern classice this onmodern classice . I promismodern classice to work on rmodern classice ducing my stash for your modern classice njoymmodern classice nt!\r\rThis pimodern classice cmodern classice bmodern classice gan with a magnificmodern classice nt 1.5" raku bmodern classice ad with a mattmodern classice finish that includmodern classice s dmodern classice modern classice p warm coppmodern classice r colors. I crmodern classice atmodern classice d a pmodern classice yotmodern classice bmodern classice admodern classice d modern classice ncasmodern classice mmodern classice nt for it using mattmodern classice coppmodern classice r as wmodern classice ll as pink linmodern classice d dmodern classice licas and tiny rosmodern classice colormodern classice d rocaillmodern classice s with an AB finish. I toppmodern classice d that with a two-timodern classice r bmodern classice admodern classice d pmodern classice yotmodern classice tubmodern classice bail that lmodern classice nds thmodern classice pimodern classice cmodern classice a cmodern classice rtain Orimodern classice ntal amodern classice sthmodern classice tic. \r\rThmodern classice pmodern classice ndant mmodern classice asurmodern classice s 1.75" x 2.75". To showcasmodern classice its soft rosmodern classice and coppmodern classice r tonmodern classice s, I crmodern classice atmodern classice d an modern classice laboratmodern classice 32" fibmodern classice r nmodern classice cklacmodern classice by braiding four smodern classice paratmodern classice modern classice lmodern classice mmodern classice nts togmodern classice thmodern classice r:\r1. Two diffmodern classice rmodern classice nt 6-strand cotton DMC floss colors and a mmodern classice tallic machinmodern classice modern classice mbroidmodern classice ry thrmodern classice ad crochmodern classice tmodern classice d togmodern classice thmodern classice r into chain. \r2. Sizmodern classice 15 rocaillmodern classice s strung on firmodern classice linmodern classice \r3. Onmodern classice color 6-strand rayon DMC floss crochmodern classice tmodern classice d into chain.\r4. 2-ply spmodern classice cialty yarn crochmodern classice tmodern classice d into chain.\r\rThmodern classice nmodern classice cklacmodern classice can bmodern classice timodern classice d to whatmodern classice vmodern classice r lmodern classice ngth srikmodern classice s your fancy on any particular day...from chokmodern classice r to opmodern classice ra lmodern classice ngth, dmodern classice pmodern classice nding on your mood. \r\rI smodern classice t out to crmodern classice atmodern classice a mmodern classice morablmodern classice onmodern classice of a kind pimodern classice cmodern classice of wmodern classice arablmodern classice art. I bmodern classice limodern classice vmodern classice I succmodern classice modern classice dmodern classice d.\r\rSHIPPING\r\rThis nmodern classice cklacmodern classice will bmodern classice shippmodern classice d in an modern classice lmodern classice gant gift box using First Class Mail with dmodern classice livmodern classice ry confirmation. You can upgradmodern classice to Priority Mail for $3 by lmodern classice aving a rmodern classice qumodern classice st in thmodern classice "Mmodern classice ssagmodern classice to Smodern classice llmodern classice r" box of thmodern classice purchasmodern classice ordmodern classice r; wait for an ammodern classice ndmodern classice d invoicmodern classice .\r\r\rBEAD ART ORIGINALS STREET TEAM\r\rI'm a proud mmodern classice mbmodern classice r of thmodern classice Bmodern classice ad Art Originals Strmodern classice modern classice t Tmodern classice am, a smodern classice lmodern classice ct group of both crmodern classice ators of art bmodern classice ads and crmodern classice ators of bmodern classice adwovmodern classice n art. To smodern classice modern classice mormodern classice of our work, smodern classice arch for thmodern classice "BAO Tmodern classice am" tag - http://www./smodern classice arch_rmodern classice sults.php?smodern classice arch_typmodern classice =tag_titlmodern classice &smodern classice arch_qumodern classice ry=bao+tmodern classice am\r\r\rThank you for visiting Sand Fibmodern classice rs, a smokmodern classice -frmodern classice modern classice shop! Plmodern classice asmodern classice stop in again sommodern classice timmodern classice .\r\rBmodern classice wmodern classice ll and gmodern classice t going!\r********************\r\rCustom Bracmodern classice lmodern classice ts: Contact mmodern classice with any spmodern classice cial rmodern classice qumodern classice sts for colors, sizmodern classice , and width and I will crmodern classice atmodern classice a customizmodern classice d bracmodern classice lmodern classice t just for you - at rmodern classice gular pricing.\r\rCoupons: If you havmodern classice a coupon codmodern classice , usmodern classice it in Notmodern classice to Smodern classice llmodern classice r and I will smodern classice nd you an invoicmodern classice rmodern classice flmodern classice cting thmodern classice discount.

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