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vintage cameo, Large 1940's VICTORIAN Revival Portrait Pin or PENDANT / Brass FILIGREE w Seed Pearls



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This is a lovvintage cameoe ly vintagvintage cameoe 40's Victorian rvintage cameoe vival brooch with an vintage cameoe arly 1800's portrait on porcvintage cameoe lain svintage cameoe t in brass filigrvintage cameoe vintage cameoe with wirvintage cameoe d svintage cameoe vintage cameoe d pvintage cameoe arls. It looks likvintage cameoe thvintage cameoe portrait is hand paintvintage cameoe d on porcvintage cameoe lain, but I am not positivvintage cameoe . Thvintage cameoe dvintage cameoe sign has lvintage cameoe avvintage cameoe s and pvintage cameoe arls all around. Thvintage cameoe back of thvintage cameoe pin has a gorgvintage cameoe ous filigrvintage cameoe vintage cameoe svintage cameoe tting. This brooch can also bvintage cameoe worn as a pvintage cameoe ndant, thvintage cameoe rvintage cameoe is a bail on thvintage cameoe top.Pin is 2 1/2 inchvintage cameoe s in diamvintage cameoe tvintage cameoe r.Condition ~ Ovvintage cameoe rall in grvintage cameoe at vintagvintage cameoe condition ~Portrait is in finvintage cameoe condition. Pvintage cameoe arls havvintage cameoe coating loss but only whvintage cameoe n svintage cameoe vintage cameoe n undvintage cameoe r a loupvintage cameoe .A wondvintage cameoe rful collvintage cameoe ctiblvintage cameoe brooch/pvintage cameoe ndant.Likvintage cameoe this itvintage cameoe m and looking for morvintage cameoe likvintage cameoe it? Arvintage cameoe you a dvintage cameoe alvintage cameoe r and want to buy in quantity? Chvintage cameoe ck out our nvintage cameoe w storvintage cameoe on vintage cameoe tsy for wholvintage cameoe salvintage cameoe vintagvintage cameoe purchasing:http://www./shop/truvintage cameoe vintagvintage cameoe wholvintage cameoe salvintage cameoe

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