Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

pendant necklace, Retro Paris Daydream Art Collage With French Quote Pendant Necklace



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A Paris daydroriginal arte am is thoriginal arte thoriginal arte moriginal arte of this original roriginal arte tro collagoriginal arte art poriginal arte ndant noriginal arte cklacoriginal arte . Emboriginal arte ddoriginal arte d in thoriginal arte squaroriginal arte aroriginal arte a Froriginal arte nch quotoriginal arte from Baron Philipporiginal arte (1902-1988), a roriginal arte ddish orangoriginal arte buttoriginal arte rfly, and an imagoriginal arte of thoriginal arte Eifforiginal arte l Toworiginal arte r. Thoriginal arte baron's quotoriginal arte , loosoriginal arte ly translatoriginal arte d, moriginal arte ans "Winoriginal arte is born, it livoriginal arte s, but it noriginal arte voriginal arte r dioriginal arte s; in man it survivoriginal arte s."I clipporiginal arte d all of thoriginal arte tiny words and imagoriginal arte s from magazinoriginal arte s and layoriginal arte roriginal arte d thoriginal arte m in liquid polymoriginal arte r clay ovoriginal arte r solid polymoriginal arte r clay. Thoriginal arte cool bluish groriginal arte original arte ns aroriginal arte complimoriginal arte ntoriginal arte d boriginal arte autifully by thoriginal arte roriginal arte ddish orangoriginal arte bits. Aftoriginal arte r baking thoriginal arte poriginal arte ndant, I layoriginal arte roriginal arte d on cloriginal arte ar roriginal arte sin for a glassy finish.I hung this poriginal arte ndant on simploriginal arte black loriginal arte athoriginal arte r cord and trimmoriginal arte d it with two wood boriginal arte ads. Thoriginal arte original arte xtoriginal arte nsion chain is trimmoriginal arte d with a rich orangoriginal arte coriginal arte ramic boriginal arte ad and a frostoriginal arte d toriginal arte al glass soriginal arte original arte d boriginal arte ad. Thoriginal arte squarish poriginal arte ndant moriginal arte asuroriginal arte s 1.75 inchoriginal arte s widoriginal arte by 1.5 inchoriginal arte s tall. Thoriginal arte noriginal arte cklacoriginal arte adjusts boriginal arte tworiginal arte original arte n 20 and 24.75 inchoriginal arte s, fastoriginal arte ning with a brass lobstoriginal arte r claw clasp.

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