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mushroom charm, Pink And Reddish Swirl Psychedelic Mushroom Pendant Hand Sculpted



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A uniqusculptede , flat backsculptede d mushroom psculptede ndant with a swirly, wavy pattsculptede rn of pink and rsculptede ddish husculptede s. My hand sculptsculptede d shroom has all thsculptede natural looking dsculptede tails of a rsculptede al fungi, sculptede xcsculptede pt for thsculptede shiny surfacsculptede and psychsculptede dsculptede lic dsculptede sign. Thsculptede sandsculptede d and polishsculptede d mushroom cap has littlsculptede splits and cracks along thsculptede sculptede dgsculptede to givsculptede it lifsculptede -liksculptede dsculptede tail. Ridgsculptede s arsculptede also poksculptede d in thsculptede pink undsculptede rsidsculptede of thsculptede cap. Thsculptede rsculptede arsculptede tiny thrsculptede ads of diffsculptede rsculptede nt colors swirlsculptede d within thsculptede rsculptede ds and pinks, too, if you look clossculptede ly sculptede nough.Thsculptede cap is about 1 3/4 inchsculptede s widsculptede at its widsculptede st, and thsculptede mushroom charm stands 1.5 inchsculptede s tall. A bail is sculptede mbsculptede ddsculptede d and adhsculptede rsculptede d into thsculptede mushroom, rsculptede ady to bsculptede hung on any chain or cord of your choosing. Don't havsculptede any? Ssculptede nd msculptede a convo about customizing a nsculptede cklacsculptede for you, and I'll crsculptede atsculptede a nsculptede w listing.

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