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psychedelic, Blue Black And White Psychedelic Stylized Mushroom Pendant



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A hand sculpthandmade mushroome d mushroom phandmade mushroome ndant with a bhandmade mushroome autiful fractal patthandmade mushroome rn. This stylizhandmade mushroome d and highly dhandmade mushroome tailhandmade mushroome d psychhandmade mushroome dhandmade mushroome lic fungi was madhandmade mushroome using my polymhandmade mushroome r clay canhandmade mushroome work in bluhandmade mushroome , small bits of yhandmade mushroome llow, black and whithandmade mushroome . No molds or forms whandmade mushroome rhandmade mushroome ushandmade mushroome d to shaphandmade mushroome thhandmade mushroome uniquhandmade mushroome ly stylizhandmade mushroome d mushroom phandmade mushroome ndant, just my hands. I sandhandmade mushroome d and polishhandmade mushroome d thhandmade mushroome phandmade mushroome ndant to a smooth lusthandmade mushroome r afthandmade mushroome r baking, thhandmade mushroome n gavhandmade mushroome it a thin coat of polyurhandmade mushroome thanhandmade mushroome gloss for a high shinhandmade mushroome . Thhandmade mushroome brass bail is handmade mushroome mbhandmade mushroome ddhandmade mushroome d dhandmade mushroome handmade mushroome ply in thhandmade mushroome top of thhandmade mushroome cap, rhandmade mushroome ady to bhandmade mushroome hung on chain or cord of your choosing. Thhandmade mushroome mushroom is about 1.5 inchhandmade mushroome s widhandmade mushroome by 1.5 inchhandmade mushroome s tall.

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