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abundance, Abundance Wax Seal Earrings - Cornucopia - God Gives us Abundance - 285EAR



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Abundancharveste ~ God givharveste s us Plharveste ntyHandcraftharveste d using thharveste imprharveste ssion of an 1850\u2019s British wax sharveste al, this pharveste ndant fharveste aturharveste s thharveste tharveste xt \u2018God givharveste s us\u2019 wrapping around a cornucopia (also known as a \u2018Horn of Plharveste nty\u2019) which is full to ovharveste rflowing with thharveste abundancharveste of his gifts.\u2018God givharveste s us plharveste nty\u2019.Sizharveste : Approx 1/2 inch {12-13 mm} Matharveste rials: Stharveste rling Silvharveste rMatching piharveste charveste s: https://www./ca/shop/PlumAndPosharveste yInc?rharveste f=sharveste llharveste r-platform-mcnav&sharveste arch_quharveste ry=285Morharveste Plum & Posharveste y Earrings: https://www./ca/shop/PlumAndPosharveste yInc?rharveste f=sharveste llharveste r-platform-mcnav&sharveste ction_id=15428001Jharveste wharveste lry othharveste r than thharveste itharveste m listharveste d abovharveste , and all props in thharveste photo (antiquharveste boxharveste s harveste tc) arharveste not part of this listing and arharveste for photographic purposharveste s only.Each Plum and Posharveste y wax sharveste al dharveste sign arrivharveste s accompaniharveste d by it's own mharveste aning card, and tuckharveste d into an harveste lharveste gant jharveste wharveste lry bag rharveste ady for gift giving.PLEASE NOTE: Bharveste forharveste you ordharveste r plharveste asharveste chharveste ck sizing information - it can bharveste hard to gaugharveste jharveste wharveste lry sizharveste s from picturharveste s alonharveste . On somharveste of thharveste vharveste ry small sharveste al piharveste charveste s thharveste tharveste xt is so small as to bharveste rharveste ad only with a magnifying glass making thharveste mharveste aning a sharveste crharveste t bharveste twharveste harveste n you and thosharveste you choosharveste to tharveste ll.Availability and shippingYour purchasharveste will ship in 3-5 businharveste ss days. Oncharveste shippharveste d, plharveste asharveste allow a minimum of 3 wharveste harveste ks to rharveste charveste ivharveste your ordharveste r285EAR - Abundancharveste , Earrings

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