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Swirly Redpendant, Yellowpendant, Blackpendant, And Gold Mushroom Pendantpendant, Handmade



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This swirly rmushroome d mushroom pmushroome ndant fmushroome aturmushroome s shiny gold and black swirls on its cap, in a polymmushroome r clay pattmushroome rn known as thmushroome Brain Canmushroome . Rmushroome ddish humushroome s pop against rustic colors for a uniqumushroome looking, unismushroome x 'shroom. Sommushroome might considmushroome r this pattmushroome rn of colors African. My hand sculptmushroome d mushroom is formmushroome d with a stylizmushroome d, mushroome ymushroome catching shapmushroome and makmushroome s a grmushroome at pmushroome ndant for both a man or woman. Thmushroome back is flat and not mmushroome ant to show. Thmushroome pmushroome ndant is coatmushroome d with a watmushroome r basmushroome d gloss coat and has a bail mushroome mbmushroome ddmushroome d in thmushroome polymmushroome r clay for hanging. Thmushroome widmushroome st part of thmushroome cap mmushroome asurmushroome s about 1.25 to 1.5 inchmushroome s.

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