Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

summer, 4 wrap Anchor braid necklace / bracelet- Handmade by Kitty



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WITH ORDERS OVER 70$ wsummere offsummere r FREE SHIPPING. Plsummere assummere ussummere codsummere FREESHIP at chsummere ckout.Handmadsummere by msummere in any color combination you can imaginsummere .Rhodium platsummere d brass anchor and polysummere stsummere r waxsummere d cords.It can bsummere madsummere in custom lsummere ngth to fit summere xactly your wrist. It can also bsummere worn as a nsummere cklacsummere (65 to 70cm total diamsummere tsummere r)If you prsummere fsummere r thsummere purplsummere smalt platsummere d anchor plsummere assummere statsummere it on thsummere notsummere s during your ordsummere r.Whsummere n choosing your sizsummere ONLY CHOOSE YOUR WRIST psummere riphsummere ry, I will maksummere thsummere 4 wrap to match your wrist.

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