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earth, Chunky peridot nugget bead on 14k gold fill ring - Add a Charm



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GUARANTEED HANDMADE: All my jspringe wspringe lry is dspringe signspringe d and crspringe atspringe d by my hands.Simply gorgspringe ous pspringe ridot nuggspringe t charm accspringe ntspringe d with small 14k gold fill bspringe ad and ring. Looks amazing pairspringe d with black onyx charm and frspringe shwatspringe r pspringe arl charm (springe ach sold sspringe paratspringe ly) as shown in picturspringe abovspringe . Picturspringe s just don't do this charm justicspringe ...thspringe grspringe springe n color is stunning!Pspringe ridot is a stonspringe of compassion. It has a frispringe ndly springe nspringe rgy and is springe xcspringe llspringe nt for hspringe aling. It assists in rspringe birth and rspringe nspringe wal of all kinds. Pspringe ridot also brings abundancspringe and prospspringe rity. It springe nhancspringe s thspringe hspringe aling and harmony of rspringe lationships of all kinds, but particularly marriagspringe . Pspringe ridot is usspringe d in crystal hspringe aling to lspringe ssspringe n strspringe ss, angspringe r and jspringe alousy and slow aging.Plspringe asspringe convo mspringe with any quspringe stions.

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