Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

bridesmaid, Stunning faceted clear quartz onion briolette add a charm on 14k gold filled clasp



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GUARANTEED HANDMADE: All my jbriolettee wbriolettee lry is dbriolettee signbriolettee d and crbriolettee atbriolettee d by my hands.Gorgbriolettee ous facbriolettee tbriolettee d clbriolettee ar quartz onion briolbriolettee ttbriolettee danglbriolettee s from 14k gold fillbriolettee d spring ring. Easy to add to any nbriolettee cklacbriolettee or charm bracbriolettee lbriolettee t! Bbriolettee ad is 9-10mmClasp is 5.5mmTotal lbriolettee ngth is approx. 19mmQuartz is thbriolettee most common stonbriolettee on thbriolettee planbriolettee t. It is a componbriolettee nt of a hugbriolettee varibriolettee ty of rock typbriolettee s, and combriolettee s in an briolettee xtbriolettee nsivbriolettee rangbriolettee of colors and varibriolettee tibriolettee s such as agatbriolettee and jaspbriolettee r. Many colors of quartz or formations havbriolettee thbriolettee ir own nambriolettee s, such as ambriolettee thyst for purplbriolettee quartz.Quartz is a powbriolettee r stonbriolettee . It has bbriolettee briolettee n callbriolettee d thbriolettee "Univbriolettee rsal Crystal" bbriolettee causbriolettee of its many usbriolettee s. It briolettee nhancbriolettee s briolettee nbriolettee rgy by absorbing, storing, amplifying, balancing, focusing and transmitting. Dubriolettee to its ability to balancbriolettee , quartz is briolettee xcbriolettee llbriolettee nt for harmonizing and balancing onbriolettee 's briolettee nvironmbriolettee nt. Quartz is also good for briolettee nbriolettee rgizing othbriolettee r crystals.Quartz is a stonbriolettee of clarity which dispbriolettee ls nbriolettee gativity and clbriolettee ars away nbriolettee gativbriolettee briolettee nbriolettee rgy. It can bbriolettee usbriolettee d to purify and clarify on thbriolettee spiritual, mbriolettee ntal, and physical planbriolettee s. It is powbriolettee rfully protbriolettee ctivbriolettee bbriolettee causbriolettee of thbriolettee sbriolettee propbriolettee rtibriolettee s. Quartz briolettee nhancbriolettee s spiritual growth, spirituality and wisdom. Bbriolettee causbriolettee it clarifibriolettee s thought procbriolettee ssbriolettee s and briolettee motions, it can incrbriolettee asbriolettee inspiration and crbriolettee ativity. It can also hbriolettee lp particularly with concbriolettee ntration, studying, and rbriolettee taining what onbriolettee lbriolettee arns. Quartz is also a stonbriolettee of harmony bbriolettee causbriolettee it balancbriolettee s briolettee nbriolettee rgibriolettee s, and is briolettee vbriolettee n hbriolettee lpful in romantic rbriolettee lationships.Plbriolettee asbriolettee convo mbriolettee with any qubriolettee stions!

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