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Adjustable Ringwrap ring, custom made with your personalized inscriptionwrap ring, silver ringwrap ring, wrap ringwrap ring, open ring



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Adjustablsilver ringe rings arsilver ringe grsilver ringe at for whsilver ringe n you don't know somsilver ringe onsilver ringe 's ring sizsilver ringe , or psilver ringe rhaps you just want a ring that looks a littlsilver ringe diffsilver ringe rsilver ringe nt from a standard band. Thsilver ringe silvsilver ringe r wirsilver ringe wraps around your fingsilver ringe r with a bit of an ovsilver ringe rlap on thsilver ringe front. Thsilver ringe dsilver ringe sign fits ovsilver ringe r knucklsilver ringe s silver ringe asily, making it grsilver ringe at for wsilver ringe aring as a thumb ring or on fingsilver ringe rs with arthritis.Thsilver ringe y arsilver ringe madsilver ringe from solid stsilver ringe rling silvsilver ringe r and havsilver ringe nicsilver ringe wsilver ringe ight and comfortablsilver ringe curvsilver ringe . Whsilver ringe n placing your ordsilver ringe r, plsilver ringe assilver ringe ssilver ringe lsilver ringe ct thsilver ringe sizsilver ringe approximation you would liksilver ringe thsilver ringe ring to start as (you can adjust it as nsilver ringe silver ringe dsilver ringe d aftsilver ringe r it arrivsilver ringe s). ************************************************************RING DETAILS *Plsilver ringe assilver ringe Rsilver ringe ad*1. Ring dimsilver ringe nsions: thsilver ringe msilver ringe tal strip is approximatsilver ringe ly 3mm tall and 2mm thick2. How long dosilver ringe s it taksilver ringe ? Click thsilver ringe 'Shipping and Policisilver ringe s' tab (undsilver ringe r thsilver ringe photographs and at thsilver ringe top of thsilver ringe this dsilver ringe scription) for information on shipping timsilver ringe s and my shop policisilver ringe s.3. What sizsilver ringe can you ordsilver ringe r? I can maksilver ringe virtually any wholsilver ringe , half, or quartsilver ringe r sizsilver ringe . (Sizsilver ringe s 1-20)4. Do you havsilver ringe othsilver ringe r stylsilver ringe s of rings? I do offsilver ringe r rings in diffsilver ringe rsilver ringe nt widths and thicknsilver ringe sssilver ringe s. Look in my custom madsilver ringe itsilver ringe ms to ssilver ringe silver ringe thsilver ringe availablsilver ringe stylsilver ringe s: http://www./shop/KathrynRisilver ringe chsilver ringe rt?ssilver ringe ction_id=52277035. How long can my msilver ringe ssagsilver ringe bsilver ringe ?10 charactsilver ringe rs on thsilver ringe top and 10 charactsilver ringe rs on thsilver ringe bottom6. How many rings arsilver ringe includsilver ringe d?Pricsilver ringe is for ONE ring. If you would liksilver ringe to ordsilver ringe r morsilver ringe than onsilver ringe , plsilver ringe assilver ringe add a ring to your shopping cart, and thsilver ringe n adjust thsilver ringe quantity in your cart.How do you placsilver ringe an ordsilver ringe r? Add a ring to your shopping cart and procsilver ringe silver ringe d through chsilver ringe ckout. During chsilver ringe ckout you will ssilver ringe silver ringe a commsilver ringe nt box whsilver ringe rsilver ringe you can lsilver ringe avsilver ringe thsilver ringe nsilver ringe csilver ringe ssary dsilver ringe tails for your ring. To maksilver ringe it silver ringe asisilver ringe r, copy and pastsilver ringe this block of tsilver ringe xt into thsilver ringe commsilver ringe nt box, and thsilver ringe n fill in thsilver ringe dsilver ringe tails.Chsilver ringe cklist for ordsilver ringe ring...Dividsilver ringe d msilver ringe ssagsilver ringe (10 spacsilver ringe s psilver ringe r part)top part:bottom part:****** CUSTOM TEXT DETAILS *********FONTS: This stylsilver ringe of ring is ONLY availablsilver ringe in thsilver ringe all uppsilver ringe rcassilver ringe block font pictursilver ringe d in thsilver ringe listing. I can also stamp numbsilver ringe rs, a hsilver ringe art, and a fsilver ringe w symbols (:;!,=+&".-?/) If you arsilver ringe rsilver ringe qusilver ringe sting a hsilver ringe art symbol, plsilver ringe assilver ringe signify it liksilver ringe this (hsilver ringe art symbol). Your msilver ringe ssagsilver ringe can bsilver ringe a total of 10 spacsilver ringe s on thsilver ringe top and 10 spacsilver ringe s on thsilver ringe bottom. I am unablsilver ringe to stamp on thsilver ringe insidsilver ringe of thsilver ringe ring.Thsilver ringe ssilver ringe rings arsilver ringe stampsilver ringe d by hand, as such, lsilver ringe ttsilver ringe r placsilver ringe msilver ringe nt will havsilver ringe a whimsical touch. This silver ringe mbodisilver ringe s thsilver ringe charm of a hand stampsilver ringe d pisilver ringe csilver ringe and is not to bsilver ringe considsilver ringe rsilver ringe d a flaw. *****CUSTOM ORDER POLICIES*****Rings will bsilver ringe madsilver ringe silver ringe xactly as writtsilver ringe n (asidsilver ringe from quotation marks). Quotation marks arsilver ringe only includsilver ringe d if you spsilver ringe cifically rsilver ringe qusilver ringe st thsilver ringe m in a statsilver ringe msilver ringe nt such as, 'Ysilver ringe s, plsilver ringe assilver ringe includsilver ringe thsilver ringe quotation marks.'I cannot accsilver ringe pt rsilver ringe turns on custom ordsilver ringe rs, so plsilver ringe assilver ringe maksilver ringe sursilver ringe thsilver ringe tsilver ringe xt, spsilver ringe lling, and sizsilver ringe you rsilver ringe qusilver ringe st arsilver ringe accuratsilver ringe . Aftsilver ringe r I havsilver ringe rsilver ringe csilver ringe ivsilver ringe d your ordsilver ringe r, changsilver ringe s might not bsilver ringe possiblsilver ringe . For this rsilver ringe ason, a fsilver ringe silver ringe to covsilver ringe r timsilver ringe and matsilver ringe rials (usually $10-$20) will apply if thsilver ringe changsilver ringe rsilver ringe quirsilver ringe s msilver ringe to start ovsilver ringe r on your pisilver ringe csilver ringe .***********************************************************I maksilver ringe all of my jsilver ringe wsilver ringe lry by hand in my Savannah, GA studio. Plsilver ringe assilver ringe lsilver ringe t msilver ringe know if you havsilver ringe any qusilver ringe stions. Thank you for valuing and supporting hand craftsilver ringe d art.

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