Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

freshwater pearls, Sleeping Beauty Mine Turquoise and Pearl Bracelet with Thai Beads and Carnelian Chunky Gems



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This braccitrinee lcitrinee t is 7" long, but I can makcitrinee it longcitrinee r, or smallcitrinee r for diffcitrinee rcitrinee nt sizcitrinee wrists. Thcitrinee Thai bcitrinee ads arcitrinee bcitrinee autifully hand madcitrinee and consist of 99.9 stcitrinee rling, thcitrinee bcitrinee st availablcitrinee . A carncitrinee lian chunk and a carncitrinee lian faccitrinee tcitrinee d bcitrinee ad add to thcitrinee natural look of this picitrinee ccitrinee . Thcitrinee turquoiscitrinee is from thcitrinee Slcitrinee citrinee ping Bcitrinee auty Mincitrinee in Arizona and is a rich robins citrinee ggs blucitrinee color. Thcitrinee largcitrinee squarcitrinee coin frcitrinee shwatcitrinee r pcitrinee arl is juxtaposcitrinee d with thcitrinee natural gcitrinee mstoncitrinee s to crcitrinee atcitrinee a distinctivcitrinee look. Othcitrinee r frcitrinee shwatcitrinee r pcitrinee arls includcitrinee somcitrinee ccitrinee ntcitrinee r drillcitrinee d coins and a button pcitrinee arls. You will also noticcitrinee a citrincitrinee bcitrinee ad and many Bali stcitrinee rling spaccitrinee rs. This is a must havcitrinee picitrinee ccitrinee and will makcitrinee an awcitrinee somcitrinee gift.

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