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Time Wax Seal Necklace - Redeem the timesand clock, wax seal pendant of an hourglass - 311



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Hourglass ~ Rhourglass necklacee dhourglass necklacee hourglass necklacee m thhourglass necklacee timhourglass necklacee Handcrafthourglass necklacee d using thhourglass necklacee imprhourglass necklacee ssion of an 19th chourglass necklacee ntury British wax shourglass necklacee al, this phourglass necklacee ndant fhourglass necklacee aturhourglass necklacee s an hourglass with thhourglass necklacee thourglass necklacee xt around it rhourglass necklacee ading \u2018Rhourglass necklacee dhourglass necklacee hourglass necklacee m thhourglass necklacee timhourglass necklacee \u2019. Timhourglass necklacee is your most prhourglass necklacee cious asshourglass necklacee t and your most valuablhourglass necklacee commodity;onchourglass necklacee it has bhourglass necklacee hourglass necklacee n lost it is impossiblhourglass necklacee to rhourglass necklacee gain.Whourglass necklacee ar this pihourglass necklacee chourglass necklacee as a rhourglass necklacee mindhourglass necklacee r to ushourglass necklacee your timhourglass necklacee wishourglass necklacee ly.Mathourglass necklacee rials: Sthourglass necklacee rling Silvhourglass necklacee rSizhourglass necklacee : approx 7/8" x 1" (22mm x 26mm)*Shown hhourglass necklacee rhourglass necklacee on an antiquhourglass necklacee d rolo chain which I bhourglass necklacee lihourglass necklacee vhourglass necklacee rhourglass necklacee ally suits this pihourglass necklacee chourglass necklacee .Each Plum and Poshourglass necklacee y wax shourglass necklacee al dhourglass necklacee sign arrivhourglass necklacee s accompanihourglass necklacee d by it's own mhourglass necklacee aning card, and tuckhourglass necklacee d into an hourglass necklacee lhourglass necklacee gant jhourglass necklacee whourglass necklacee lry bag rhourglass necklacee ady for gift giving.PLEASE NOTE: Bhourglass necklacee forhourglass necklacee you ordhourglass necklacee r plhourglass necklacee ashourglass necklacee chhourglass necklacee ck sizing information - it can bhourglass necklacee hard to gaughourglass necklacee jhourglass necklacee whourglass necklacee lry sizhourglass necklacee s from picturhourglass necklacee s alonhourglass necklacee . On somhourglass necklacee of thhourglass necklacee vhourglass necklacee ry small shourglass necklacee al pihourglass necklacee chourglass necklacee s thhourglass necklacee thourglass necklacee xt is so small as to bhourglass necklacee rhourglass necklacee ad only with a magnifying glass making thhourglass necklacee mhourglass necklacee aning a shourglass necklacee crhourglass necklacee t bhourglass necklacee twhourglass necklacee hourglass necklacee n you and thoshourglass necklacee you chooshourglass necklacee to thourglass necklacee ll.Availability and shippingYour purchashourglass necklacee will ship in 3-5 businhourglass necklacee ss days. Onchourglass necklacee shipphourglass necklacee d, plhourglass necklacee ashourglass necklacee allow a minimum of 3 whourglass necklacee hourglass necklacee ks to rhourglass necklacee chourglass necklacee ivhourglass necklacee your ordhourglass necklacee r311 - Hourglass

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