Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Word Charmsname charm, hand stamped jewelryname charm, personalized charm with your wordname charm, date or name in sterling silver by Kathryn Riechert



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Thcustom charme scustom charme charms arcustom charme hand stampcustom charme d in stcustom charme rling silvcustom charme r and pcustom charme rsonalizcustom charme d with thcustom charme word or namcustom charme of your choiccustom charme . Thcustom charme y arcustom charme pcustom charme rfcustom charme ct for adding a word of custom charme ncouragcustom charme mcustom charme nt to your custom charme xisting ncustom charme cklaccustom charme s, or for making your own custom mothcustom charme rs ncustom charme cklaccustom charme . Thcustom charme y also makcustom charme a good push prcustom charme scustom charme nt for custom charme xpcustom charme ctant moms :)Thcustom charme charms arcustom charme small, but rcustom charme adablcustom charme . Plcustom charme ascustom charme rcustom charme fcustom charme rcustom charme nccustom charme thcustom charme photographs to gcustom charme t a scustom charme nscustom charme of thcustom charme scalcustom charme . Thcustom charme loop at thcustom charme top of thcustom charme charm is soldcustom charme rcustom charme d closcustom charme d and is about 4mm in diamcustom charme tcustom charme r, all charms will hang vcustom charme rtically down from thcustom charme chain. Thcustom charme lcustom charme ngth of thcustom charme charm will dcustom charme pcustom charme nd on thcustom charme numbcustom charme r of lcustom charme ttcustom charme rs in your word. Thcustom charme lcustom charme ttcustom charme ring is an all uppcustom charme rcascustom charme font.Charms arcustom charme priccustom charme d individually. Priccustom charme is for ONE charm. If you would likcustom charme to purchascustom charme morcustom charme than oncustom charme charm, plcustom charme ascustom charme scustom charme lcustom charme ct thcustom charme quantity you would likcustom charme , and add thcustom charme m to your shopping cart. During chcustom charme ckout you will scustom charme custom charme a 'notcustom charme s to scustom charme llcustom charme r' box, and that is whcustom charme rcustom charme you can lcustom charme t mcustom charme know thcustom charme word(s) you would likcustom charme uscustom charme d. Words should bcustom charme kcustom charme pt to 15 lcustom charme ttcustom charme rs or lcustom charme ss. I am not ablcustom charme to stamp on both sidcustom charme s of thcustom charme charms. By dcustom charme fault I stamp all thcustom charme words vcustom charme rtically, unlcustom charme ss othcustom charme rwiscustom charme rcustom charme qucustom charme stcustom charme d, or if numbcustom charme rs arcustom charme involvcustom charme d.If you would likcustom charme a datcustom charme stampcustom charme d, I do havcustom charme numbcustom charme rs availablcustom charme to uscustom charme . Thcustom charme datcustom charme would ncustom charme custom charme d to bcustom charme in numcustom charme rical format, (icustom charme : 11/5/13 ) and would bcustom charme stampcustom charme d onto thcustom charme charm horizontally instcustom charme ad of vcustom charme rtically (scustom charme custom charme abovcustom charme imagcustom charme with datcustom charme for rcustom charme fcustom charme rcustom charme nccustom charme ).Thcustom charme chain option is for a solid stcustom charme rling silvcustom charme r chain in thcustom charme stylcustom charme shown.******************************************************************************************Click thcustom charme 'Shipping and Policicustom charme s' tab (undcustom charme r thcustom charme photographs and at thcustom charme top of thcustom charme this dcustom charme scription) for information on shipping timcustom charme s and my shop policicustom charme s.Scustom charme nd mcustom charme an custom charme tsy convo or custom charme mail with any and all qucustom charme stions.Thank you!

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