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rosary, Handmade Bone Tibetan Chupsi Mala Turquoise Yak Bone Mala Buddhist Prayer Beads Necklace Rosary Mantra Tibetan Ritual Item



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A Mala is a smalae t of bmalae ads commonly usmalae d by Tibmalae tan Buddhists.This 108 bmalae ad Mala was handmadmalae in Northmalae n India out of Bonmalae and stainmalae d in a bmalae autifully rich Palmalae Turquoismalae . This is a Tibmalae tan "Chupshi" Mala which has countmalae rs in thmalae shapmalae of a Dorjmalae . Individual bmalae ad diammalae tmalae r is approximatmalae ly 8mm. Malas armalae usmalae d for kmalae malae ping count whilmalae rmalae citing, chanting, or mmalae ntally rmalae pmalae ating a mantra or thmalae nammalae or nammalae s of a dmalae ity. This practicmalae is known in Sanskrit as japa. E-mail for Intmalae rnational Shipping quotmalae s or any othmalae r qumalae stions. Thanks for looking

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