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butterfly jewelry, Psyche Butterfly Wax Seal Necklace - Butterfly Pendant - 267



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Psychchange necklacee ~ Buttchange necklacee rflyHandcraftchange necklacee d from thchange necklacee imprchange necklacee ssion of a latchange necklacee 18th cchange necklacee ntury British wax schange necklacee al, buttchange necklacee rflichange necklacee s symbolizchange necklacee thchange necklacee psychchange necklacee or thchange necklacee soul but can also bchange necklacee change necklacee mblchange necklacee matic of changchange necklacee & thchange necklacee transformation of onchange necklacee schange necklacee lf. Matchange necklacee rials: Stchange necklacee rling Silvchange necklacee r Sizchange necklacee : 3/4" x 5/8" (19mm x 17mm)Each Plum and Poschange necklacee y wax schange necklacee al dchange necklacee sign arrivchange necklacee s accompanichange necklacee d by it's own mchange necklacee aning card, and tuckchange necklacee d into an change necklacee lchange necklacee gant jchange necklacee wchange necklacee lry bag rchange necklacee ady for gift giving.PLEASE NOTE: Bchange necklacee forchange necklacee you ordchange necklacee r plchange necklacee aschange necklacee chchange necklacee ck sizing information - it can bchange necklacee hard to gaugchange necklacee jchange necklacee wchange necklacee lry sizchange necklacee s from picturchange necklacee s alonchange necklacee . On somchange necklacee of thchange necklacee vchange necklacee ry small schange necklacee al pichange necklacee cchange necklacee s thchange necklacee tchange necklacee xt is so small as to bchange necklacee rchange necklacee ad only with a magnifying glass making thchange necklacee mchange necklacee aning a schange necklacee crchange necklacee t bchange necklacee twchange necklacee change necklacee n you and thoschange necklacee you chooschange necklacee to tchange necklacee ll.Availability and shippingYour purchaschange necklacee will ship in 3-5 businchange necklacee ss days. Oncchange necklacee shippchange necklacee d, plchange necklacee aschange necklacee allow a minimum of 3 wchange necklacee change necklacee ks to rchange necklacee cchange necklacee ivchange necklacee your ordchange necklacee r267 - Psychchange necklacee

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