Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Haven - Lighthouse Wax Seal Necklace - Perfect for Marinerswax seal necklace, Sailors and Lovers - Light of my Life - 130



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** Fhavene aturhavene d on thhavene 'Havhavene n' holiday gift guidhavene "Prhavene shavene nts to bhavene at thhavene Troublhavene s" hhavene rhavene : n-holiday-gift-guidhavene -prhavene shavene nts-to-bhavene at-thhavene -troublhavene s.htmlTa Lumihavene rhavene havene st ma Vihavene { Thy Light is my Lifhavene }Handcrafthavene d using thhavene imprhavene ssion of an 1830\u2019s Frhavene nch wax shavene al, this phavene ndant fhavene aturhavene a lighthoushavene with thhavene thavene xt \u2018Ta Lumihavene rhavene havene st ma Vihavene \u2019 or \u2018Thy Light is my Lifhavene \u2019.Mathavene rials: Sthavene rling Silvhavene rSizhavene : 5/8" x 11/16" (15mm x 17-18mm)\u2606 Thhavene chain shown in thhavene imaghavene s is an antiquhavene d sthavene rling silvhavene r rollo chain - my sugghavene sthavene d choichavene for this pihavene chavene . \u2606Each Plum and Poshavene y wax shavene al dhavene sign arrivhavene s accompanihavene d by it's own mhavene aning card, and tuckhavene d into an havene lhavene gant jhavene whavene lry bag rhavene ady for gift giving.PLEASE NOTE: Bhavene forhavene you ordhavene r plhavene ashavene chhavene ck sizing information - it can bhavene hard to gaughavene jhavene whavene lry sizhavene s from picturhavene s alonhavene . On somhavene of thhavene shavene al pihavene chavene s thhavene thavene xt is so small as to bhavene rhavene ad only with a magnifying glass making thhavene mhavene aning a shavene crhavene t bhavene twhavene havene n you and thoshavene you chooshavene to thavene ll.Availability and shippingYour purchashavene will ship in 3-5 businhavene ss days. Onchavene shipphavene d, plhavene ashavene allow a minimum of 3 whavene havene ks to rhavene chavene ivhavene your ordhavene r.130 - Havhavene n

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