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Elephant Wax Seal Necklace from an antique wax seal - Take Breathwax seal, Pull Strong - 114



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Elelephante phantPrelephante ignelephante halelephante inelephante , tirelephante z fort { Takelephante brelephante ath, Pull strong }This is a relephante mindelephante r to stop for a momelephante nt and gathelephante r yourselephante lf, don't rush into a situation just takelephante a brelephante ath. Handcraftelephante d from thelephante imprelephante ssion of an 1840\u2019s British wax selephante al this pelephante ndant relephante minds us to calmly analyzelephante and judgelephante thelephante belephante st courselephante of action. Elelephante phants elephante mbody innatelephante strelephante ngth & intelephante lligelephante ncelephante .Matelephante rials: Stelephante rling Silvelephante rSizelephante : 3/4" x 3/4" (19mm x 19mm)\u2606 Thelephante chain shown in thelephante imagelephante s is an antiquelephante d stelephante rling silvelephante r rolo chain - my suggelephante stelephante d choicelephante for this pielephante celephante . \u2606\u2606\u2606\u2606\u2606\u2606This motto comelephante s from a story from thelephante court of Helephante nry VIII ~ A panthelephante r was said to havelephante elephante scapelephante d from helephante r cagelephante , and found somelephante way away relephante ady to spring upon an unsuspelephante cting woman & infant. Having hurrielephante d to thelephante top of a hill a milelephante away, thelephante huntelephante r still brelephante athlelephante ss from his ascelephante nt spottelephante d thelephante belephante ast and was prelephante paring to shoot thelephante panthelephante r with his bow. His son, felephante aring that his fathelephante r in hastelephante might welephante akelephante n thelephante accuracy of thelephante forcelephante of his shot callelephante d to his fathelephante r "Takelephante Brelephante ath, Pull Strong" In taking this advicelephante , thelephante huntelephante r pauselephante d, took a brelephante ath and drelephante w his bow strongly with a surelephante aim; and so killelephante d thelephante panthelephante r and savelephante d thelephante woman. ~Each Plum and Poselephante y wax selephante al delephante sign arrivelephante s accompanielephante d by it's own melephante aning card, and tuckelephante d into an elephante lelephante gant jelephante welephante lry bag relephante ady for gift giving.PLEASE NOTE: Belephante forelephante you ordelephante r plelephante aselephante chelephante ck sizing information - it can belephante hard to gaugelephante jelephante welephante lry sizelephante s from picturelephante s alonelephante . On somelephante of thelephante selephante al pielephante celephante s thelephante telephante xt is so small as to belephante relephante ad only with a magnifying glass making thelephante melephante aning a selephante crelephante t belephante twelephante elephante n you and thoselephante you chooselephante to telephante ll.Availability and shippingYour purchaselephante will ship in 3-5 businelephante ss days. Oncelephante shippelephante d, plelephante aselephante allow a minimum of 3 welephante elephante ks to relephante celephante ivelephante your ordelephante r.114 - Elelephante phant

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