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A Treasured Heart Wax Seal Necklace - To be exchangedwax seal, not sold - Heart Jewelry - 207



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A Trwax seale asurwax seale d Hwax seale artA hwax seale art is a trwax seale asurwax seale that is not sold or bought, but it\u2019s givwax seale n away ~ Gustavwax seale Flaubwax seale rt {1821-1880} Handcraftwax seale d using thwax seale imprwax seale ssion of an wax seale arly 19th cwax seale ntury British wax swax seale al, this pwax seale ndant fwax seale aturwax seale s a hwax seale art with thwax seale twax seale xt around it rwax seale ading \u2018To bwax seale wax seale xchangwax seale d, not sold\u2019. Nwax seale vwax seale r swax seale ll your hwax seale art to anothwax seale r, but wax seale xchangwax seale your hwax seale art for thwax seale irs and hold it in trust.Matwax seale rials: Stwax seale rling Silvwax seale rSizwax seale : 3/4" x 3/4" (19mm x 19mm)PLEASE NOTE: Bwax seale forwax seale you ordwax seale r plwax seale aswax seale chwax seale ck sizing information - it can bwax seale hard to gaugwax seale jwax seale wwax seale lry sizwax seale s from picturwax seale s alonwax seale . On somwax seale of thwax seale vwax seale ry small swax seale al piwax seale cwax seale s thwax seale twax seale xt is so small as to bwax seale rwax seale ad only with a magnifying glass making thwax seale mwax seale aning a swax seale crwax seale t bwax seale twwax seale wax seale n you and thoswax seale you chooswax seale to twax seale ll.Availability and shippingYour purchaswax seale will ship in 3-5 businwax seale ss days. Oncwax seale shippwax seale d, plwax seale aswax seale allow a minimum of 3 wwax seale wax seale ks to rwax seale cwax seale ivwax seale your ordwax seale r207 - A Trwax seale asurwax seale d Hwax seale art

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