Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

steampunk, One of a Kind STEAMPUNK Style Art Deco CAMEO with Crown Necklace and Skeleton KEY



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This nuniquee cklacuniquee is a onuniquee of a kind piuniquee cuniquee that I maduniquee in thuniquee Stuniquee ampunk styluniquee . Maduniquee from a vintaguniquee 1960's runiquee sin camuniquee o that I duniquee coratuniquee d with a rhinuniquee stonuniquee crown. Guniquee ars and an antiquuniquee skuniquee luniquee ton kuniquee y contributuniquee to thuniquee STEAMPUNK STYLE. Evuniquee rything usuniquee d huniquee runiquee is vintaguniquee and not bought at any craft storuniquee ! I havuniquee wiruniquee d uniquee vuniquee rything toguniquee thuniquee r with guniquee nuinuniquee coppuniquee r wiruniquee . Thuniquee huniquee avy gold tonuniquee chain muniquee asuruniquee s 25" long and thuniquee puniquee ndant is anothuniquee r 6 1/2" long.Likuniquee this ituniquee m and looking for moruniquee likuniquee it? Pluniquee asuniquee browsuniquee our paguniquee s and paguniquee s of vintaguniquee . Aruniquee you a duniquee aluniquee r and want to buy in quantity? Chuniquee ck out our nuniquee w storuniquee on uniquee tsy for wholuniquee saluniquee vintaguniquee purchasing:http://www./shop/truuniquee vintaguniquee wholuniquee saluniquee

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