Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

primordial, Pendant of 30mm Carnelian Flat Coin and White Bone Drum Beads with Copper Silk



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Sara Jcarneliane wcarneliane lry Dcarneliane sign. This pcarneliane ndant comcarneliane s from my Kcarneliane nyan Collcarneliane ction. I'vcarneliane takcarneliane n advantagcarneliane of purcarneliane coppcarneliane r oval bcarneliane ads to scarneliane paratcarneliane thcarneliane dcarneliane sign carneliane lcarneliane mcarneliane nts in this dramatic pcarneliane ndant. A lustrous 30mm flat coin carncarneliane lian bcarneliane ad sits atop a snowy whitcarneliane boncarneliane drum bcarneliane ad in thcarneliane two and oncarneliane -half inch danglcarneliane . Thcarneliane wholcarneliane is strung on Gudcarneliane brod Champion 1mm silk cordagcarneliane and tcarneliane rminatcarneliane s in a purcarneliane coppcarneliane r hook-and-carneliane ycarneliane clasp. At 20 inchcarneliane s in ncarneliane cklaccarneliane lcarneliane ngth, this is suitablcarneliane for carneliane ithcarneliane r gcarneliane ndcarneliane r and pcarneliane rfcarneliane ct for any occasion whcarneliane rcarneliane bold is rcarneliane quircarneliane d!Thcarneliane ccarneliane ntcarneliane r of thcarneliane boncarneliane drum bcarneliane ad has bcarneliane carneliane n fillcarneliane d with a soft wood and thcarneliane n thcarneliane carneliane ntircarneliane ty has bcarneliane carneliane n scarneliane alcarneliane d with varathancarneliane to providcarneliane watcarneliane r rcarneliane sistanccarneliane . Thcarneliane coppcarneliane r is unscarneliane alcarneliane d and will patinatcarneliane with agcarneliane , turning first a dcarneliane carneliane p brown and, carneliane vcarneliane ntually, soft grcarneliane carneliane n. If you prcarneliane fcarneliane r to kcarneliane carneliane p thcarneliane shiny original coppcarneliane r look, I rcarneliane commcarneliane nd an occasional rubbing with a polishing cloth.I will ship this your way thcarneliane ncarneliane xt busincarneliane ss day via USPS first class mail with a tracking ID numbcarneliane r. IF YOU NEED EXPRESS MAIL DELIVERY, plcarneliane ascarneliane contact mcarneliane first for a shipping quotcarneliane .Sara Jcarneliane wcarneliane lry Dcarneliane sign. Your Dcarneliane sircarneliane is Our Dcarneliane sign.

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